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Commercials. Oh, dirty children. What a menace you are.

At the Lucknow airport, the last two teams finally make their way out of the chaos and into taxis. Now-traditional Traffic Is Harrowing In India footage follows, and Phil notes that all teams are headed for Bara Imambara Palace, where they'll find a clue box. In the Rob and Amber cab, they are just arriving. They head for the entrance, and Amber puts a scarf on her head, as she is apparently asked to do. Rob ties one on as well, right over his Sox cap. Heh. In an interview, Rob says, "It's custom, you know, and we're all about the customs." Double-heh. I am told that in fact, for the guy to tie the scarf over his baseball cap is not in fact all that much of a "custom," but at least he's trying. As they take in the palace, Rob comments, "Some guy built this for his girlfriend." There has been much talk about the possibility that he specifically confused it with the Taj Mahal, but that's not my sense. My sense is that he's sort of speculating, in the "I bet some guy built this for his girlfriend" sense, which is probably based on the legends surrounding the Taj Mahal, but I don't think Rob specifically thinks this is the Taj Mahal, or is specifically relating that story to this palace. I think the comment is more, "This is the kind of place you later find out some guy built for his girlfriend." Which, if you consider great monuments of the world, isn't the worst theory you could come up with. "Or for himself," Amber counters, which...heh, that's not a bad theory, either. "Imagine if I built you a place," he says. "It'd look twice as nice." Aw.

Ron and Kelly come to the entrance, and when Ron puts on a pale blue scarf, Kelly actually...makes him put on a dark blue one? Like the pale one is too girly? She really does have an interesting set of priorities, including an apparent worry that miscellaneous people in a foreign country, none of whom she will ever see again, will think her ex-POW boyfriend is a puss. Very, very weird sequence there. If nothing else, she should have been self-aware enough to see how dopey that was going to come off. They note how beautiful the palace is, and how different it is from the chaos in the city.

Speaking of which, Uchenna and Joyce are in their cab, in the middle of said chaos, and Uchenna can't help noticing that the people he sees out and about are all men. "The women are not playing a big role in the program, here." Hmm, interesting. Lynn, on the other hand, claims that he enjoys the traffic, and Gretchen is fascinated by the variety of motorized and non-motorized vehicles with which she finds herself sharing the road. It does appear that vehicles making use of many combinations of wheels and legs are represented. If you were ever going to see a gas-powered unicycle with a sidecar pulling a horse trailer, you would find it in the streets of India.

Rob and Amber, then Ron and Kelly, approach the clue box. Rob and Amber find it, and they rip the clue. The clue tells them to travel "by horse-drawn tonga" to a steel emporium three miles away, where they'll find another clue. The clue also mentions, "Caution: Yield Ahead." So that will be distracting and probably inconsequential for the next little while here. As they leave, they run into Ron and Kelly, and point them generally toward the clue. Ron and Kelly read the clue and take off. Ron mentions that it's always possible that Rob and Amber could Yield them, so they're going to try to hit the box first. Rob, on the other hand, reciprocates that he wants to hit the box before Ron and Kelly, "'cause if they're any type of players at all, they'd Yield us." They find themselves a tonga and hop in. Elsewhere, in the Ron and Kelly tonga, they express both their fear of being Yielded and their hope that they won't be. Kelly speculates that if given the chance, Rob and Amber will Yield Lynn and Alex and not her and Ron.

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