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Uchenna and Joyce and Lynn and Alex are now tied on their way to the Boxblock. Meredith and Gretchen's tonga guy, on the other hand, appears a trifle confused. It's because Phil took Gretchen's compass!

At the steel emporium, Kelly and Amber are still hunting. You'll note that Amber appears to be opening and moving boxes as fast as she can, while Kelly is being decidedly pokey. And then Amber finds one and calls out. Kelly asks if all the clues seem to be together, and Amber says no. She runs out and meets up with Rob, and they open the clue. It tells them to take a cycle rickshaw to Aishbagh, where they'll find a gas station and another clue. They get on their way. Back at the Boxblock, Kelly finds a clue as well. She and Ron find a rickshaw and go, and Kelly insists that "Rob and Amber always fall on everything." Well, she was hauling a little more ass than you, sweetheart. I'll grant you there's luck in that one, but there's orderliness and speed as well, and I think Amber also moved pretty efficiently so as to maximize her chances to get lucky, if you see my point. Ron also talks about their "unbelievable luck," and says he should have Yielded them. In his rickshaw, Rob agrees that not Yielding him and Amber was "their mistake." Eh. I don't know that it would have done anything in this particular case.

Uchenna and Joyce get to the Yield, choose to Yield no one, and open the Boxblock. Uchenna takes it.

Meanwhile, at the Yield mat, Alex is flabbergasted. "Rob and Amber didn't Yield us? I have no idea why!" he says. Well...because you're in fourth place out of five teams, and you don't currently represent much of a threat? It's just a thought. I mean, the clip show reveals that Rob at least felt threatened by them at some point and considered Yielding them, but I'm not sure when that was, and it doesn't seem like right now, Lynn and Alex are a huge concern for Rob and Amber. At any rate, Lynn and Alex don't Yield anyone, sort of as an afterthought, despite the fact that second-to-last place is exactly when you should consider it, but...whatever. Alex is assigned the Boxblock by Lynn, essentially, and he heads in to do it. At first, Alex seems to be shaking boxes, which I'm not sure will work to find a paper envelope taped to the bottom. Look, Alex, look!

Gretchen and Meredith arrive at the Yield mat, and just then, Alex does a very cute little dance when he finally finds a clue. It's like a touchdown dance, but on speed, and with a bigger dose of prancing. He and Lynn head out, and Uchenna is still looking as Gretchen takes the Boxblock for her team and gets started. As she's looking, Uchenna finds himself a clue. As Uchenna emerges, Gretchen is already panicking, apparently feeling like she just has no idea how to deal with the scope of the task. Uchenna helps push the rickshaw along, Fred-Flintstone-style, as he and Joyce leave. Back at the Boxblock, Gretchen is...still looking. Fortunately, what she lacks in speed, she's making up for in abject defeatism. "I could be in here for a week," she declares. She seems to feel, for one thing, that there are some stacked boxes that are too high for her to reach. Meredith urges her on. She isn't apparently applying any method to her search, which is a huge mistake, and then...she goes out and gets a hug from Meredith. Which is lovely, but not so race-like. "Don't give up, honey!" Meredith calls. I feel for her, but...she also really didn't approach that the right way, it didn't look like.

Commercials. If you hate the part of pizza delivery where it's already cooked, you should definitely stop at Papa Murphy's instead. I do not get the business model.

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