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Tommy has stopped for directions, and learns that according to the map, he's currently some distance northeast of his bike's tire. "Was it still spinning when you were looking at it?" Andy asks him in a post-leg interview. Cathi realizes she's gone the wrong way and has to turn around and go back. And thus it is that Amani, who was just in fourth place a minute ago, is the second racer to arrive at the theater. She gives a rather more heartfelt (and much less cheesy) performance than Cindy and gets a bravo and a clue, so she's heading back while Cathi and Tommy are both stopped for directions yet again. She rides back up to the statue, to the amazement of everyone still waiting there. "Oh my God, are you serious?" Marcus boggles. "You don't know who you run with, darling," she coolly pants as she opens the clue sending them to Legoland. Even Andy and Bill are impressed. In the car, Marcus has an appropriate football metaphor to deploy. Of course.

Cathi finds the theater at last, and goes into her performance. She's doing fine, but when she says "untold" instead of "remote," the critic's heretofore rapt face falls and he interrupts, "I'm sorry, it was not satisfactory." Now she has to go back. But at least now she knows where she's going, unlike Tommy, who doesn't even know what street he's on.

Jeremy and Sandy are only now starting their leg, in fifth and last place, at 12:08 PM. That has to hurt. Jeremy interviews about how hard it's been being away from home and his six-year-old son, who is the best thing that's ever happened to him. As we see them spotting the statue and running over to it, he continues that he wants to win the race for his son. And so he assigns Sandy to do the Roadblock. Cathi rolls back up, and Bill's all happy to see her until she says she has to go back. She checks the poem again and zooms off past Sandy. "Hopefully she'll get it right this time," Bill says. Hopefully your English-teacher wife will cut you some slack for your improper use of the word "hopefully."

Ernie and Cindy are driving across the Danish countryside wondering where Legoland is, but the front gate constructed from brightly colored plastic bricks is a pretty clear sign that they've arrived. They enter the theme park (which is not closed for the occasion) and soon find the pirate area, with boat rides and stuff like that, and the Pirate Carousel is right there. Would you get on an amusement park ride built entirely out of Legos? I wouldn't. They're handed their clue in the form of a blue plastic Lego box so they can get started. Now here's Phil, telling us, "The Lego company was created in the 1930s." As he holds up a yellow 2x4 brick up to the camera, he adds, "it now produces over 50 million pieces every day." And since I have a seven-year-old son, most of those are in my house. Teams will have to assemble the Lego kits they were just handed while riding the Pirate Carousel, using the turning wheel in the center of the car as their work surface. And they only get to work on it while the ride is in motion. All the pieces are long, skinny white ones with part of a picture on one side, so the finished product will be a rectangle with a photo of a train station and the letters "Hamburg Hbf" printed on it. constituting their next clue. Ernie and Cindy sit in one of the cars, wait for it to start, and open the box to start taking pieces out while the ride gathers speed. It looks pretty tricky, but they soon get the sense that they're going to have a train station to go to by the time they're done.

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