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Cathi is parking her bike back at the theater just as Tommy is arriving for the first time and Sandy is leaving the statue. Cathi gives it another try, taking her time and getting it right this time, so she gets her clue and a kiss on her hand while Tommy waits out in the lobby. "You have to do drama," she warns him before getting back on her bike to hurry back. Then Tommy goes out and dully recites the poem standing still with his hands on his hips. The critic watches with what looks like real disappointment. Sandy arrives and waits anxiously in the lobby for her turn while Tommy is told, "More drama, please! I need you to bring life to the words!" Tommy gets on his bike and leaves, snarking, "Drama for your mama!" while Sandy heads inside. Drama for your mama? Burn!

Sandy recites the poem like she's reading a PowerPoint presentation, and is sent back to get more drama as well. Cathi is back at the statue, saying, "Okay, Legoland, here we come. I don't know where it is." They head out just before Tommy rolls back up and reads the poem off the statue again like he's angry at it. "I don't think I've seen Tommy like this," Andy tells Jeremy at the waiting area. And he didn't even hear Tommy say "your mama." Tommy leaves again, but at least he knows where the theater is now. Sandy also returns, and Jeremy tells her to go as fast as she can, which she says she is. Back at the theater, Tommy does the poem again, cheesing it up a little more this time, pacing around and waving his arms and miming a telescope on the word "remote." Good enough, and he has his clue. Sandy also sells it a bit harder this time, but just a bit. Lucky for her the critic just wants to be done working for the day, because she's done with the Roadblock.

Ernie and Cindy are working on their Lego puzzle when they have to pause and raise their hands in the air while the ride stops. "Hamburg! Hamburg!" Cindy dorks, chair-dancing excitedly. But they still have to get the rest of the thing together.

Tommy skids his bike to a stop back at the statue, so he and Andy are heading to Legoland in fourth place. Jeremy and Sandy take off behind them. And I can't believe that in a task that involved five different bicycles, none of them broke.

Ernie and Cindy complete their puzzle, get off the ride, and show it to the operator, a young guy in a Lego-striped pirate shirt, earring, and do-rag, who checks their work and tells them it's correct. Phil says teams now have to drive across the border to Germany (with no navigational help from the Amazing Red Line like we get), and look for their next clue at the Hamburg train station. Running back to their car, Cindy expresses surprise that they're driving to Hamburg. Well, Germany and Denmark actually are much closer together than they look in the piss-poor excuse for the map of Europe that resides in most Americans' heads.

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