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Amani and Marcus are the next to get to the theme park ride, and Amani is not excited about being spun around. "It just messes up my day," she says. She's regretting not taking her motion pill. They dump the whole contents of the Lego box onto the wheel at the beginning, which proves unwise given how at least three of the pieces slip off onto the floor of the car as the ride gets going. They also figure out they're going to the Hamburg train station but don't finish the puzzle before the first forced stop. Amani worries that she's going to throw up. Marcus just happens to notice a paper bag on the floor of the car, marked with the international symbol of a person kneeling before the porcelain altar. "I hate to throw up on any kids, though," Amani says. Close-up of the Lego pirate guy shaking his head at the camera. He seems to agree.

Bill and Cathi are lost on the road. Shades of Taipei.

"Anybody got any Pepto-Bismol?" Marcus calls out to no one while waiting for the ride to restart. Once it does, Amani has to struggle with both her gorge and Marcus wanting to put a piece in the wrong place. By the next stop, Marcus is also seriously contemplating that bag on the floor. What, no football metaphor for throwing up?

Reggae music accompanies our visit to the snowboarders' car. Andy has a map unfolded across the entire backs of both front seats, from floor to ceiling. "I don't know if the map is big enough, actually, it's kind of hard to find stuff," he says, poking his head around the edge like the curtains at The Tonight Show. "You know what they say about people with big maps," Tommy says. "A lot of places to go." Edgy!

Jeremy and Sandy marvel about a bridge they're driving over. They're in last, but this is the first time we've seen the bridge, which doesn't seem like a good sign for them. But they're actually fine; it's the four-mile span that goes over the Great Belt (the body of water connecting the North and Baltic Seas), so everyone else had to drive over it as well. They probably just weren't as telegenically impressed with it. Bill and Cathi, meanwhile, stop at a pizza-pasta place for directions, only to not be able to understand a word the guy says to them. You'd think the owner of an Italian restaurant in Denmark would speak a little more clearly. Marcus fans Amani to keep her cool while they wait for the ride to restart. They soon finish, wait out the rest of the ride, and disembark. "Hi, little man. Have fun. About made me sick," Marcus tells a kid who's about to board. The Lego pirate guy also approves their work, so they're moving on, Marcus carrying Amani's bag while she recovers. They're exiting the park just as Andy and Tommy are pulling up outside. After hearing Marcus's warning about needing a barf bag, the snowboarders are excited about "getting thrown around," not to mention the whole Lego thing, as Andy interviews that he was a "Legomaniac" as a kid. Well, who wasn't?

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