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Jeremy and Sandy arrive next. More B-roll of large-scale Lego constructions (a roller coaster, model trains, and a Space Shuttle), and the snowboarders are on the ride and waiting to go when Jeremy and Sandy join them and climb into a separate car. Sandy's the least excited of all of them: "I'm gonna puke," she announces before she's even sitting down. As the ride starts, both teams dump out their boxes, but only one team does a decent job of keeping track of their pieces. Can you guess which team loses one out of their car entirely, so it's sitting out on the giant turntable? And can you guess which other team is actually enjoying this? I'll give you a clue: it's the same team that's actually made progress by the time the ride stops for the first time and they all have to put their hands up. The teams exchange "Arrr"s during the pause and Jeremy wishes for his son's help with this. I'm sure he misses his kid, but they're shitty team players when it comes to Legos at that age.

Ernie and Cindy cross the border into Germany. Cindy shares that Ernie lived in a little town in Bavaria for a year, which I'm sure will come in handy. Ernie gets confused on the difference between a dialect and an accent, but Cindy's there to straighten him out.

Jeremy's got "Hamburg," on their puzzle, and Sandy's got an urge to hurl. "It was the worst thing that we've had to do," Sandy interviews. On the other hand, Andy says that snowboarders are immune to motion sickness. "Spin to win," he says. Jeremy and Sandy are still missing a piece, and when the ride it stops, all three male racers currently on the ride are just waiting for Sandy to throw up already.

Bill and Cathi go into a hotel God knows where and ask for directions and a map to Legoland. They're soon on their way, possibly in the right direction this time. Andy and Tommy click the top and bottom halves of their puzzle together, and then spend the rest of their ride making their car spin faster and faking puke noises for Sandy's benefit. They get to run off at the next pause, while Jeremy and Sandy have to start all over as a result of their missing piece. Sandy doesn't take it well, to say the least. Nurse, heal thyself!

After the ads, Jeremy gets out of the car to get a new kit while Sandy puts the pieces back in the box and continues to try to not throw up. At least she's motivated to get done quickly now.

Ernie and Cindy get to the Hamburg train station, and there's an oddly familiar object standing outside: an old-school, red-and-yellow clue box! They finally found one! Or else they dumped that giant U-Turn sign into the Baltic Sea to make room for it. Looking at it makes me almost as nostalgic as if it were a blue London police box. The clue inside is telling them to take a train to Brussels, Belgium. So here's Phil's voice and the Amazing Red Dotted Line which traces a winding route from Hamburg through Cologne and on to Brussels, which of course Phil doesn't fail to mention is in "their third country of the leg." They'll have to find their next clue at the European Parliament Building, in the saddlebag of a red-and-yellow bicycle chained to the fence. Thanks for coming back for one stop, clue box! It was nice to see you again! Inside the station, Team Control finds a ticket counter and learns that the next train leaves at 12:30 AM, which should give everyone plenty of time to catch up. "Ugh, so bummed," Cindy groans. And she doesn't even know that they've walked off and left a pair of tickets on the floor. Nice close-up of them, though. She's going to be even more bummed when those turn up missing.

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