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The clue (and frankly, since the clues stopped saying things like "smoke that thunders" and "something monumental" and started saying "take this form of transportation to this location, dimwit," I feel a little funny calling them "clues" instead of "instructions") tells them to take a train to Cape Town station, and then find a taxi to Langa Township and the Paradise Hair Salon. ChaTaGaDa make a train to Cape Town almost immediately.

Meanwhile, Blake and Paige get the clue in the cell, and they're off.

ChaTaGaDa get to the station and climb into a taxi headed for Langa Township. When they get there, a kid on a bike points the taxi to the Hair Salon. They find the McFlag and read the next clue -- it's this week's Roadblock. As Phil explains, the chosen sucker has to do several things on this Roadblock. They have to find the way to a place where they can buy some Epsom salts and a "smiley," which is a roasted sheep's head. And it looks...well, a lot like a roasted sheep's head just looking right back at you. Then you find a particular local healer, and you give him the smiley "as an offering," and he uses the Epsom salts to make you a really, really nasty drink that you have to drink all of. The Roadblock is a lot like being initiated into a fraternity sometimes.

The clue tells the team that the taker of the Roadblock should have "a strong sense of direction and a strong stomach." Oswald takes it for Cha-Cha-Cha. Gary tells us that his stomach is the strongest part of his body. Um, heh. Wil takes it, over what are obviously Tara's non-objections.

Oswald takes what is more than obviously the just-right approach, which is to befriend a local guy and ask him to help find all of the various places Oswald needs to go. The guy he finds looks like a guy you could meet in any of hundreds of cities in the world -- gray pants, red shirt, baseball cap. He and Oswald take off walking and talking. I think he tells Oswald to call him "Timmy," and if he doesn't, that's what I'm calling him anyway, because he's Timmy to me. Timmy asks Oswald where he's from, and when Oswald says he's from Cuba, asks him why he left. "Because of...the government," Oswald says simply. He asks Timmy what he does in town, and Timmy says he's looking for work. As they walk around, Oswald voices over that a person is a person wherever you go, and if you just approach them with friendship, they'll usually help you out. Right on, Oswald. He promises Timmy they're going to have fun.

Gary is walking with some little kids who are trying to explain what a smiley is. "Meat?" Gary asks. "It''s my head," one of the kids says, rubbing his smooth scalp. Gary looks flummoxed. Tara yells out to a departing Wil that a smiley is a sheep's scalp, which is not quite so precisely accurate, but whatever. Wil says he doesn't care, he's going on his mission. Snore.

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