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Jeebus at the cell, getting the route marker, along with Boston. "We teamed up with Chris and Alex this last leg," says Cyndi in a guarded manner. She says they're "good guys," but she also believes that "you've got to watch your back a little bit." Well, yes. Given that it's a race and everything, so, technically, you have diametrically opposed interests. Another lesson to be learned from the first season? All alliances are transitory and mutually opportunistic, and it will never be any other way.

Blake and Paige and Xerox at the hair salon. Doyin and Blake take the Roadblock, and team up to complete it. Doyin tells their local guide that his dad is from Sierra Leone, and the guy says (I think), "Awesome." They complete the Roadblock and drink the potion. Blake pronounces it "good." Heh: liar.

Jeebus/Boston at Kalk Bay Harbor for the Detour. Boston is so not dancing. Seriously, they are so not dancing. Chris says they didn't know whether they would dance for two hours and get no tips, so they went with what they knew they could do -- fish-carrying. I think that's the wrong call -- for one thing, it can't take two hours to do the dancing, because quite honestly, if you're not good enough for people to tip you $2.50 by then, they will have long ago paid you $2.50 to go away. Nevertheless, Jeebus does the fish, too. Boston finishes first, and when they're done, they help Jeebus get the last few pounds moved. (I'm surprised that you're allowed to do that. I'd think every team would have to complete the Detour on its own, but I guess not.) It's an interesting choice to help out on Boston's part -- for about five minutes of effort, they may buy a favor later, so it's probably worth it. On the other hand, they know they're far back in the pack, so they don't really have the luxury of being nice. Assuming that they don't know for sure how far back the Groanies are, they have to wonder if those five minutes could cause them to miss a train or a bus and let Jeebus stay with them and eventually beat them. Hmm. Either way, once all the fish have been moved, they head for the train, with Boston slightly ahead and waiting for the lagging Jeebus. They miss a train to Cape Town by just a little bit, and Alex allows himself a moment of frustration about the effect their failure to dust Jeebus had on that development.

Mary and the Fruit, on their way to the winery. They arrive, Phil tells them they're team number four, and they high-five and share some wine. Good job, ladies. I like this team. They're not at the top, but they don't seem to bleed time at random like some of the other apparently strong teams sometimes do (I'm looking at you, Xerox and Boston).

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