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Xerox and Blake and Paige run up to the winery together. Just as Blake and Paige did with Hope and Norm at the end of Episode 1, the four of them put their arms around each other and step on the mat simultaneously. I'm not sure if I'd do that, Xerox, given the whammy it put on Team Drawl. Anyway, they tie for fifth. More wine drinking. Blake and Paige? Still in the same clothes. You can almost see the little cartoon stink waves rising from them.

Back at Langa Township, Chris and Russell do the Roadblock. After Chris drinks the potion, he makes a disgusted gagging noise. "Man, that's gonna help me with the ladies, dog? They're not gonna like my breath." With this comment, Chris officially eliminates any possibility that Boston is Bizarro Esquire. Ugh. He's officially on my list -- and not the good one, either.

Anyway, Boston and Jeebus pull into the winery a bit later (it's dark outside, so I think there's a little bit of distance between teams here) and they run up the drive to the mat. Phil tells Boston they're team number seven. They're not too happy, nor should they be. Jeebus is team number eight. Not happy either.

Heathrow. Oh, dear. Peggy and Claire are sleeping on chairs. They finally get on a plane, and then a cab. "Peggy and Claire are two of the sweetest ladies that you'll ever meet in your life," Russell tells us. He says he's impressed at how far they've gotten, as we see them at Robben Island. At the cell, the clue tells them to take a taxi to the winery, so they're bypassing the Detour and the Roadblock. Gary says he loves them, and that they're "tough." Alex says they're "sweet great ladies." He says everyone wanted to see them go on further. Um...not everyone. They arrive at the winery, and they make their way to the mat. "Talk about a day [late] and a dollar short," Claire says. The greeter welcomes them, and Claire says it's "very beautiful" at the winery. Can't argue with that. Phil tells them they're Phil-iminated. Claire Claire-ifies that they're actually in last place by an entire day, and Phil agrees. "You know, it's okay," Claire says, probably happy not to have to drag Peggy from place to place anymore. In an interview, Claire says that the other teams were really nice to them, and speculates that the teams could all "see their grandmothers getting shoved around the world."

Okay, not to beat this particular dead horse any harder than we've already beaten it, but that's the key to their attitude problem, right there. They've insisted on seeing themselves as "shoved around" from the beginning. They've not enjoyed the racing aspect very much, they've complained, they've bemoaned their fate, and they've acted like beleaguered and reluctant participants, and that will just kick your ass right out of a competition like this. I don't doubt that they're quite likeable in person, and I'm sure they've done lots of remarkable things. But this wasn't the right activity for them, I don't think, and I can't say their elimination is any great disappointment.

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