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Okay, I see absolutely nothing wrong with what Blake and Paige did here, for several reasons. First, although I'm pro-politeness, I don't think the need for it extends so far that it prevents you from approaching an available airline employee if the other teams aren't choosing to approach her. Second, if Peggy thinks they're butting in line, she needs to take it up with the ticket agent. She can go over to the lady who Blake and Paige are talking to and say, "We were here first, Madame Customer Non-Service, and we are entitled to be served before the Wonder Twins over there, so get your little fingers typing away at that keyboard and get me on a damn flight before I pelt you with a rapid-fire helping of iron-fortified calcium-enriched One-A-Day Vitamins." More generally, it's a damn race, and everyone in it is an adult. Hand-holding is right out, and the whiners need to suck it up.

I also have to say that I was shocked to hear these teams talking about standing at the same ticket counter for hours. I think if you trace the course of this episode, you'll see that this is a mistake -- you don't camp out at one counter and hope for the best. If you're not going to get any help for an hour and a half (which is how long Peggy says they waited before Blake and Paige "cut in line" or whatever), you go somewhere else and look, it would seem to me.

It's more fun to complain, though, I guess. In an interview, Claire says that Blake and Paige are "playing the game, but it's sort of ticking off some of the other contestants." Apparently the teams have all become responsible for protecting each other's place in line now. How adorably antithetical to the entire point of this show.

Anyway, apropos of nothing, back at the counter, Cyndi says she wishes she weren't so short. Claire tells her she's "a pretty feisty short lady." Ooookay. Blake and Paige, meanwhile, look like they got some kind of ticket from American, but he says in an interview that they didn't, so it's hard to tell. Xerox seems to be gone, and Jeebus has gotten a shot at a flight. They dash off, with Cyndi saying, "Glory to God." I'm sorry, but I still say God doesn't care whether you make the flight, and in fact, I'm kind of irked that you'd ask Him, with Him being so busy these days.

At 5:45 PM (note that it took all day), Shola and Doyin take off for Cape Town via London. Their tickets are confirmed all the way through to the end of the route. Cyndi and Russell are taking the same flight to London, but their London-to-Capetown leg isn't confirmed yet -- they're on standby. Following along so far?

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