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Oswald and Eric are still working on the Roadblock. Out the window of the little tiny post office, Danny is commenting that he doesn't have the patience for a task like this, but he's "a good cheerleader." And in fact, he lets out a happy yelp when Oswald finds the clue. Their letter turns out to be from Blake and Paige, the Notorious T.E.E.T.H. The letter says that they assume Danny and Oswald could either be about to be eliminated, or about to win. Danny and Oswald later interview that they found the letter "very nice." In the letter, just the scraps shown on screen suggest that the letter is all about how they're probably eliminated, so they should sit back and be happy about what a great race they had. So..."go, complacency"? They collect their clue. It tells them to "search the island on foot" for the next pit stop. Phil says that if you follow the path around the island, they'll find the pit stop, which is an overlook. Last team to check in may be eliminated.

Eric finds the letter to him and Pink from Dani and Jeremy, logically enough. It talks about being jealous that they're on the race, because Jeremy and Dani are the cool ones, and all that stuff you would basically expect from people without very much imagination, but with a lot of free time and beer. It also says "no babies on the race." Adorable. Because nothing cracks up producers like unplanned pregnancy! They collect the pit stop clue and take out after Danny and Oswald.

Teri takes the Roadblock. "Come on, sweetheart," Ian says happily. Okay, seriously, who are these people? "The needle in the haystack, 'member?" he says. Aw. They talk just like us! Okay.

The BQs and Bill and Joe pull up at Playa Larga. I'll tell you, you should see Joe hurdle the guard rail, dude. If I'm like that in my fifties, I'm going to be happy. If I'm like that tomorrow, I'll actually be happy. Uchenna and Joyce are here as well, and Bill and Joe are the first to the clue box, followed by Uchenna and Joyce and the BQs.

In the Rob and Amber car, he says they might be in last place or second-to-last place. She says they don't always have to come in first, and he thinks they "still might be able to." With three other teams ahead of you by three hours? I think not. Charla, meanwhile, says she wants to win. Good.

Teri is still looking. Ian assures her they'll be fine, because no other teams are there. She asks how long she's been looking, and he very sweetly (honest) says to take her time. And then he throws a stick at her! Okay, not really.

Oswald and Danny are hunting for the pit stop, and they're going to be first, even though shots of Eric and Pink are used to try to create confusion. Welcome, Oswald and Danny, you are team number one. They hug and smooch, and Phil tells them that they have won a trip to Maui. With sea turtles and dolphins! "Will you come with us?" Danny asks. "That's a whole different reality show," Phil says. that I would totally watch, I have to say. But I'd have to lie down for the whole thing. And I'd probably choose to.

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