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Welcome, Mira and Charla, and thanks, Uchenna, for dragging Charla onto the mat. The hell? Anyway, you are team number seven. Charla gives this blissed-out speech about how they finally stopped coming in last, which...they didn't. They came in second-to-last last week, and second-to-last this week. She's not paying attention at all. What's particularly gross is that Uchenna takes the opportunity to jump in again with how important it is to never quit, as if anyone asked him for his fucking opinion. I'm sure that Uchenna sees a morality play here, just as he did in his own season, and I will never understand why that hurts less than just making the argument that it was a pedestrian loss based on a poorly executed leg and some bad luck, exactly the same way other people lose on the show every week. I'm sure Charla and Mirna will ultimately explain how it is that they think Rob and Amber were eliminated because of his evil personality, but in fact, they were eliminated because they picked the wrong Detour and because they took too long to find the letter. And, quite possibly, because of the boat delay. They said Charla and Mirna were about 5 minutes behind them getting to the post office, and that the difference in getting to the mat was 10 minutes. So maybe if Mirna and Charla's boat is 15 minutes later, they don't have time to make it up on Rob and Amber. It's hard to say, but it seems possible.

And now, Rob and Amber, who are last, and who are out. They share a smooch, and Amber says that "at least [they] had a good run at the beginning," and she chuckles. Rob says that they started well, but had a terrible leg. She agrees. "What better place to end the race than the end of the world?" she wonders, and they both smile broadly. In an interview, Amber says she's just happy that they got to come back a second time at all, and she says they were just happy to have the time to spend together. He says that he's just going to miss being in the competition, knowing that there's a game and he's not in it. "But, you know, at the end of it all, I still have an amazing wife, a great life, a great family...I'm a lucky guy. I'm already a winner." Aw. It's nice to feel that way.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

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