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And then, here are Mirna and Charla arriving at the airport. Bill and Joe see them arrive from a balcony overlooking the waiting area. Joe interviews, basically, that he and Joe really, really, really, really hate being at the end of the pack. Downstairs, Charla and Mirna get tickets on the 11:15 AM flight to Punta Arenas. Bill and Joe find someone up in the lounge upstairs who tells them that he's going to Punta Arenas also. They have him prepare some directions for him. As the two teams get ready to go, Bill and Joe tell the camera that Charla and Mirna are good about talking to people and getting information, so they have to try to cover themselves by not letting on that they know all about the shipwreck. Charla and Mirna find the Guidos in the lounge. Mirna comments that she's surprised Bill and Joe didn't make the earlier flight. In an interview, Mirna complains some more about how Bill and Joe "ditched" them, blah blah blah. They really should have been in a race with the *wins. They would have loved the *wins. That might have been a lifelong bond, until one team broke it and the other one was crowned Most Superfluously Generous Team Of All Time.

Commercials. And who doesn't love CSI: Miami, really?

We return in time to catch Bill and Joe and Charla and Mirna boarding their 11:15 flight to Punta Arenas.

But hey, let's go to Punta Arenas! Rob and Amber get a taxi, as do all the other teams. "Rapido, rapido," he says to the driver, because it's the law. In an interview, Rob says that Uchenna and Joyce "have no idea where they're going." Amber says that's ridiculous -- their taxi driver could easily know where he's going, just as much as Rob and Amber's does.

More teams pile out of the airport -- Eric and Pink, Oswald and Danny, Dustin and Kandice, the aforementioned Uchenna and Joyce, Teri and Ian. In the Rob and Amber cab, Rob holds up a piece of paper with directions on it, and he says, "This is a little note that the stewardess gave me when I came out of the bathroom. Apparently, Uchenna was trying to get information on where the boat was. What can I say? She handed over the directions right to me." He gives a thumbs-up and says, "Thanks, Uchenna." In Uchenna's cab, he says, "The stewardess was getting -- was writing down this information for me, and Rob comes in and, ah, steals it." So I have no idea what happened there at all. My guess is that the stewardess was writing it down for Uchenna but gave it to Rob, either because Rob said he'd give it to Uchenna, or because the stewardess had seen them together and asked Rob to give it to Uchenna, which seems likely based on the "she gave it to me when I got out of the bathroom" explanation. Or else Rob did something in the bathroom that was worthy of receiving directions. What? I'm just coming up with ideas.

Rob and Amber arrive at the shipwreck first and find the clue box. The options are Navigate It or Sign It. In Navigate It, you use a map of the city to get to the town plaza, where a sailor gives you a compass. They'll use the compass to head straight south to the Nautilus building, where they can get a clue. In Sign It, you pick a pole and some building supplies, and you bring them up a set of stairs, where you construct a signpost (like the one on M*A*S*H, but without the mileages) showing the cities on Magellan's route. You have to figure out that it started and ended in Seville, and then you have to list the fourteen ports in the right order. Phil says that the signs don't have to point the right way, but that the cities have to be spelled right. For whatever it's worth, Rob and Amber later interviewed that the clue said the opposite -- it didn't mention spelling, but did say the arrows had to point right. Again, that's worth as much as you want to put weight on it. Amber asks if Rob wants to do the compass, but he says he's more comfortable with the building thing. Oswald and Danny choose the navigation. Uchenna and Joyce, however, choose the signs. Teri and Ian go with navigation, and the BQs take the signs.

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