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Uchenna and Joyce's first attempt is also wrong, because they have Guam at the beginning. Guam is not the beginning! Guam is...partway through! Depending on Guam's relationship to Spain!

Teri and Ian find the Nautilus Building and get their clue.

Intriguingly, Dustin and Kandice discuss whether the arrows have to point the right way, and they look around at other people's work, but they also seem to have their clue and their information, and they conclude that the signs do have to point the right way. I'd be really curious to actually know what those instructions said. Uchenna and Joyce offer up their new arrangement of signs, and I have to say...while Rob can be a real whiner about outcomes, I am sympathetic to the point he made that it's hard to argue that spelling was a big factor when Uchenna and Joyce's sign is, in many respects, completely illegible, and it's impossible to tell what the fuck it says. The second sign from the top? I have no idea what that says. Maybe "Keyser Soze." They get turned down this time, too, and Joyce suggests that the order is off.

Elsewhere, Oswald and Danny get to the airport and are first to sign up for the charter. They offer a little dance, which is much appreciated, of course. Eric and Pink arrive next, and they're second. Everyone wonders where Rob and Amber are, but Rob and Amber are back at the Detour, holding up their sign again. It isn't accepted, so she wonders if they should switch Detours. There are still two teams not there, she reasons, and they might still be able to stay in good shape. He wants to keep trying, but she wants to switch. Interestingly, he now has "Celebes" spelled as "Celebs," although earlier, on their first try, he had it right. The second time, he followed his instincts, which is always a mistake. They make another shot, and it's still not working. Rob thinks they have to be close to having it right, so he returns to the map to look at the cities. And yes, you would think that if he were fully aware that spelling counted, he'd have looked, which is another thing that makes me suspect maybe "the spelling wasn't specifically mentioned" is true. Dustin and Kandice aren't having much luck either. "I think we're confused," Dustin says.

At the airport, Teri and Ian arrive, and they're somewhat surprised to be third to sign up for the first charter. And as they celebrate, a hat drops out of thin air and lands on Ian. He looks around, surprised. "Up here!" he hears. He looks up, and Eric and Pink and Danny and Oswald are hooting down at him. They all discuss the fact that the layover is a full day, so they're not leaving until tomorrow. This is not the group I expected to find in first place in the middle of the fourth leg, that's for sure.

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