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Finally, Rob and Amber and the BQs find the Nautilus Building and the clue for the charter flight. They head for the airport. In the BQ cab, Kandice opines that hooking up with Rob and Amber doesn't seem to have been an extremely beneficial maneuver. Rob, meanwhile, says in his cab that it's one of their first times not being near the front, and he finds it "frustrating." And by "frustrating," he means "for five minutes inconceivable, then infuriating, then agitating, then annoying, and then he finally cools down to "really trying to beat everyone."

Mirna totally goes "into the map," a la Joey from Friends, just as one of the EEFPs pointed out. She puts her actual feet on it to demonstrate where they are and where they have to go. Oh, Mirna. I couldn't make you up.

Rob and Amber get to the airport and find themselves on the second charter. "Whatever," Amber says. "We'll kick butt against them." Meanwhile, Mirna and Charla are getting the charter clue. And then, they're getting a taxi, and Mirna is blowing the whistle! I love it when Mirna blows the whistle! Toot! They get in the cab. At the airport, Rob and Amber note the arrival of the BQs. They then have a chat in which he laments the three-hour difference in flights, and she says it's okay, and he says he knows it's okay, and she gets frustrated and says she's trying to "comfort" him, which nudges him into saying he doesn't need that, and now they're in a bit of a bicker. She leans back, saying that's fine, she won't ever try to comfort him again, and he insists that he's not upset, because there are five other teams with them. Amber mini-interviews to the camera that Rob is "full of crap" because he won't admit that he wants to finish first, not just avoid finishing last. "He's deeply upset that we're not on the first plane," she says confidently. "And it just makes me mad, because he lies." She looks at him. "Admit that you want to be in first." He pauses. He looks at the camera and smiles. "I want to be in first," he says. Heh.

Mirna and Charla get on the 11:00 AM charter.

The next day, the first charter plane leaves, carrying only Danny and Oswald, Teri and Ian, and Eric and Pink. They land in Ushuaia at 10:45 AM, and they grab taxis to Playa Larga. Teri and Ian get out first, it appears. Then Danny and Oswald, and then Eric and Pink. The Big Kahunas are the first to the beach, but unfortunately, they run right by the clue box, and the Frenetic Zither of Mistake-Making indicates as much. "Teri, would you please come with me," he asks. Meanwhile, Danny and Oswald and Eric and Pink pile out of their cabs, and Danny and Oswald are the first to find the clue. It tells them to take a taxi to "the post office at the end of the world." This requires taking a boat that leaves every 20 minutes. Each boat can carry two teams, so you pull a number when you get to the dock to wait. Then, at the "southernmost tip of South America," they'll find the post office where there will be another clue for them. Danny and Oswald and Eric and Pink are on the way. Teri and Ian, meanwhile, realize their mistake and turn back. If they're going to start screeching, it will be about here.

The remaining five teams get on the second charter. "This sucks," Rob remarks.

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