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While Nicky & Kim are still struggling, Tim & Danny read their Spanish-language newspapers -- phonetically, I'm thinking -- and get out of there in eighth place. "I can't do this, Bunny," Kim is meanwhile complaining. I'm getting better at telling those two apart because Kim is the whinier one.

At the bus station, Tim & Marie are out of luck for 1:30 bus tickets to Santiago, because it's finally all booked up. They're sent to another counter and get seats on a 2:00 PM bus instead. Ally & Ashley have arrived at the station in the meantime, and Leo tries to claim to an unsympathetic agent that he needs more tickets for his "bride." They find out about that other bus that's leaving at 2:00 when Marie comes up behind them to demand, "What are you doing?" Leo says they're getting on a 12:30 bus. "There is no 12:30 bus," Marie says. "Then why are you asking?" Leo shoots back. That was actually pretty well played, Leo. And mind your business, Marie. The blondes end up on the 2:00 bus, after which Ally remarks to the camera that Marie is always trying to get everyone in trouble. "I actually feel bad for her. She's probably a very miserable person." She certainly seems miserable to be around.

Rowan & Shane have excavated their clue at the Mining Detour and are officially in ninth place, though Rowan looks like he's sweated enough to fill one of those tanks with water and salt. And Nicky & Kim read their papers to the mining supervisor, then hug each other and him before getting their clue to the bus station in last place. "I can't believe we have to do this fricking bike ride now," Kim says as they're doing the fricking bike ride. The mining supervisor looks like he knows he's having a much better day than they are. But then everybody is.

The first bus to Santiago, with its departure time of 1:30 PM, is just pulling in to the Iquique station. Jason & Amy, Nicole & Travis, Brandon & Adam, Chester & Ephraim and Leo & Jamal all board it. Team NFL is in their seats by the time they realize what they've just let themselves in for: a 24-hour bus ride. "Hey man," Chester says, "The race." On that philosophical note, the bus pulls out.

The second bus arrives in Iquique at 1:56, so it's going to have to pull a pretty quick turnaround to make its scheduled departure of 2:00. Kim is still whining as their cab drops them off, "This is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life." Please stop spoiling your inevitable elimination, Kim. But they're soon on board the (supposedly) 2:00 PM bus with Ally & Ashley, Tim & Danny and Tim & Marie, as Ally tells us that there are five teams on each bus. But not so fast, because Rowan and Shane are still at the ticket counter inside the station. "What time does it arrive?" Rowan asks, and the young male agent says -- in Spanish -- that the 2:00 bus arrives at 6:00 PM. Rowan is doing the talking, and while he seems to understand enough Spanish to follow what the agent is saying, he doesn't speak enough Spanish to respond in anything but English. It's like an exchange in a Star Wars movie where one character chats in English with a character who's speaking Wookiee or Bothan or astromech or something.

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