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Rowan observes that 2:00 PM today to 6:00 PM tomorrow actually represents more than 24 hours, and the agent admits that this one makes a lot of stops. Rowan asks if there's an earlier bus to Santiago. "The other is 4:00," the agent says in English, with subtitles on the screen confirming that this is in fact what he said. Yes, I don't normally get into such detail with the dialogue, but this is important. Rowan asks if they can get on that one instead and is told they can. Rowan then tells us that while they currently have tickets for the bus that's supposed to leave at 2:00 and arrive at 6:00 tomorrow night, they're going to switch to the 4:00 bus and (supposedly [spoiler!]) get a two-hour jump on the four teams about to leave on the 2:00. Who meanwhile are noticing out the bus windows that Team Bingo is up to something at the ticket counter, and thus they are growing accordingly suspicious. Then we see Tim & Danny back outside this bus, asking Team Bingo if they switched to something else. Rowan ruefully claims they tried to find something faster, and make as if to follow Tim & Danny onto the bus at the last moment -- only to wave the driver on and send the bus off without them as soon as the Okies are safely aboard. They decline to wave at the other teams, though, not wanting to rub it in, which is just as well, considering what's about to happen. Looking out the window, Ally remarks to the Okies, "They totally found something better. Or something that they think will be better." Ally is half right.

Back at the ticket counter, Shane confirms with the agent, "So we'll get in at 4:00, right?" Which the agent confirms as their tickets print off. They figure their bus will show up in about ten minutes, but the agent tells them they've got about a three-hour wait. Rowan asks if they still "get in at 4:00," and the agent says, "4:00, the start is here." Meaning the departure time is 4:00 this afternoon. Rowan asks the natural follow-up question, which is the time they're scheduled to arrive in Santiago. "10:00," the agent says cheerfully. Another, more experienced-looking agent joins the discussion, but the damage is done: the 2:00 bus has already departed without Team Bingo, and is scheduled to arrive in Santiago four hours sooner than the bus they just switched to. This is obviously the result of a miscommunication, and I think the blame is shared equally by Team Bingo -- who are in a foreign country without speaking the language -- and the young male ticket agent, who may be an idiot. He must have thought that Rowan wanted to know when he would "get in" the bus to go rather than "get in" to Santiago. Or something. And who would want to arrive hours later in the first place? In any case, I'm sure Rowan & Shane will be more careful about these kinds of discussions in the future. If they get the chance.

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