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According to a road sign they're passing, the teams on the second bus are 178 miles from Santiago, as Tim & Danny estimate that they'll arrive in about three hours. Danny mentions that they've made "a ton of stops," which could end up being to Rowan & Shane's advantage, if Team Bingo's bus turns out to be more of an express like the first bus clearly was. Meanwhile, Kim calls Marie's Tim back to the row she's sharing with Nicky and says, "Nicky told me that you played baseball at Rutgers." Tim confirms it and asks why she's asking, so Kim namedrops her husband, David DeJesus, who it turns out is an old teammate of Tim's. "Keep this close," Tim tells them, in the presence of rolling cameras and live microphones. He interviews that he played in the minor leagues for six years and that the baseball wives might be a good connection. Surprisingly, Marie seems to be going along with not only an idea of Tim's, but one that involves being nice to someone. She tells Nicky & Kim she would be happy to give them the Express Pass, unless someone else on the race saves their life or something. "Which I don't think they're going to," Marie disclaimers, "because everybody hates us." Tim pins that on Marie, and Marie says she doesn't care. Yes, I've noticed that about her. Marie's take on this is shared in another interview, as Tim says they can trust the baseball wives and Marie adds, "And we can beat 'em." Back on the bus, she tells Nicky and Kim to stick with them and they'll keep them around as long as possible. Even when she's helpful, she's condescending about it.

Leo is the first shoeshine Roadblocker to find the storage garage for the shoeshine stands. He starts unloading the stand for the three supervisors who are waiting there, starting with the shiner's chair, but as soon as they see the random piles under it -- including the under-seat drawer on top of the seat -- they tell him it's all wrong. "The position is not correct," one says, and they shoo him out of the alley to go repack. Either he'll block access for the other teams if he does it here or they don't want to be around him any more than I do.

Chester arrives while Leo is making the stunning discovery that the tall metal drawer not only holds stuff, it slides neatly under the customer's seat when properly packed. He and Adam confer on this as Adam rolls by, and then -- while Adam is in an arcade just around the corner -- Adam's entire load spills noisily to the tile floor. "That's how we do it," he shrugs, bending to collect everything. Former professional grocery-bagger Chester appears to have gotten his packing right on the first try and already has his clue, in first place. He goes running down that arcade, which is barely wider than he is, and Leo soon gets his clue and is in hot pursuit. We've got a race for first going on here.

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