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"I'm dying," Nicole says as she desultorily drags her stand down the square. Well, she's the doctor. Chester joins Ephraim at the waiting area and they read their last clue of the leg, which is sending them to the Pit Stop: The Cascada de las Animas Nature Reserve, a picturesque setting diametrically opposite to their current urban locale. "This national paradise in the Andes Mountains is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," Phil says from a narrow suspension footbridge. "The last team to check in here may be eliminated." Team NFL goes in search of a cab while Leo comes ululating back into earshot to join Jamal. But the Afghanimals get their cab first. It's either team's leg to lose now. Don't worry, one of them will.

Rowan is trying to keep it positive as the bus carrying him and Shane takes a leisurely cruise through some seaside community. "This is how the race should be," Rowan says. "We're running it, it's not running us. We're running it, we're trying to make it work. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, but, you know, we're not sitting back and, you know, we're trying to do stuff." In an interview, Rowan says that they know about not giving up after Rowan's three-plus decades in show business. "We're not stars by any stretch of the imagination. Whatever it takes." None of this makes any sense except as verbal spackle to cover up the fact that they screwed up and there's not a damn thing they can do about it right now.

Adam delivers his correctly packed shoeshine stand for examination and gets both approval and his clue. He rejoins Brandon, putting the hairballs in third place. Nicole gets her clue in fourth place and rejoins Travis, and Amy brings her clue back to Jason in fifth. "It was hell," she tells him. Yes, dropping from first to fifth in the course of one task generally is.

Up in the mountains, the Afghanimals' cab has just crossed into the nature preserve. Next thing we know, they're getting their backpacks out of the trunk, while Leo is trying to get cash out to pay the driver and having some trouble finding it quickly. Naturally, Jamal is getting frustrated as Leo continues to rifle through their papers. Especially because Chester & Ephraim have arrived and are efficiently and quickly paying their driver 40,000 pesos. Jamal yells at Leo, "Give him American dollars!" Leo hands the dude fifty bucks and he's all, "This is all?" Because that's only about 25,000 pesos. We see Team NFL concluding their transaction with their driver, and then the Afghanimals come running empty-handed out onto the narrow suspension bridge, hollering, "The Afghanimals are coming!"

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