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Phil's standing behind the mat in the middle of the bridge next to a very large and rugged-looking individual, who welcomes them to Cascades de las Animas, Chile. Phil says, "Leo & Jamal, you are the first team to arrive. However, you need to settle your cab bill before I can check you in." So they really did just try and run off after paying five-eighths of their taxi fare? Phil points them in the opposite direction off the bridge from the one they came, because they must have gotten lost trying to find him, while Jamal bitches at Leo, "We lost, because you can't count the money." Leo bitches right back, "You were there when I gave it to him." Jamal insists, "It's your responsibility today. That's it!" Of course Chester & Ephraim show up almost immediately after the Afghanimals' sniping fades from earshot, and although they're quite content to be the second team to arrive, Phil tells them about the Afghanimals' blunder. Which of course makes Team NFL team number one. And the fact that they've won a VIP trip to Turks and Caicos makes them even happier. Let's hope that at some point this season a leg is won by the first team to reach the mat. Not that I'm complaining this time, mind you.

Meanwhile, Leo & Jamal run through the idyllic setting and have a less-than-idyllic interaction with their cabdriver, Jamal acting like it's the driver's fault for not accepting less than the meter. Leo finds him some more cash and hands it over, so the driver's satisfied now. But Jamal isn't, yelling at Leo as they run back, "USC brains, come on, calculate the local currency." Leo says Jamal likes blaming people. They return to the mat on the bridge still pissed and disappointed and Phil says, "Now that you've paid for your cab, you are officially team number two." Leo says they figured, in that way people usually say it when they show up hours after everyone else. "What happened?" Phil asks sternly, as though he's just as disappointed. Leo starts talking about Jamal turning into "this guy yelling in my ear," and Jamal lectures, "Take some responsibility. You're a man." That's still an open question, actually. They soon fall to bickering and Leo asks Jamal, "Are you an enemy or a partner?" Jamal says he's an enemy right now. "That's not gonna work. You're a team," Phil pipes up, clearly wishing this bridge had a trapdoor. Jamal tattles, "USC didn't teach economics." Leo says they taught him manners. Really? If I'd known USC had a major in manners, I would have avoided it at all costs. Jamal rolls his eyes and says, "Hopefully we can learn from this." And they go stomping off the bridge towards what I can only assume is going to be a lot more mutual pissiness.

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