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That was pretty much the opposite of Brandon & Adam's arrival, in which they caper around Phil and the bearded greeter, smacking Phil's ass as they go, and eventually settle down on the mat long enough for Phil to say, "We got this guy just for you." "This guy" is better groomed, though. Phil tells them that they're team number three, and congratulates them on their rise in the rankings from last to third. Cut to Nicole & Travis becoming team number four and Jason & Amy being team number five. I might have been wrong about that last team in last week's recap. They were in the front of the back of the pack then, but they're in the back of the front of the pack now.

And then it gets dark, and the moon comes up, and the second bus rolls into Santiago at 6:44 PM. 44 minutes behind schedule, in other words. Out step the four teams who rode in on it: Tim & Danny, Tim & Marie, Nicky & Kim and Ally & Ashley, the latter bleating something about it being the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Despite it being dark, Plaza de Armas is still busy and quite brightly lit. The Okies are the first team to find the clue box, and Tim decides that Danny's the one with the knack to pack, and Marie, Nicky and Ashley take this one for their respective teams. They're soon settling down at their shoeshine booths and Marie says, "This is my first shoeshine. I've never gotten one and I've certainly never given one." Well, how hard can it be?

The third bus carrying last-place team Rowan & Shane arrives at, believe it or not, 7:03 PM, which could have been a whole lot worse. Their bus really must have had a lot fewer stops. That plus the fact that the second bus came in late offers them an opportunity that I'm sure they'll make the absolute most of. Shane is the one to find the clue box, but they both agree that Rowan has the knack to pack. Yeah, it's not the packing part that's going to give him the trouble. The Roadblockers from the second bus, all of whom are still shining shoes, look up and see them arrive and are pretty shocked. "My blood was boiling when I saw Bingo roll in," Marie interviews. I'm not sure those two things are related because her blood seems to be at a constant simmer anyway. Behold: she gives her customer's shoe what she thinks is a last wipe with the rag and asks, "Si?" He examines them slowly and says, "Uh, no." Four times they go through this, while Marie gets increasingly frustrated and the customer is refusing to give her any direction whatsoever. "What am I missing?" Marie demands. "What the f--?" Commercials. Heh.

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