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Zip It, Bingo

Rowan gets down on his knees and tells the shoeshine guy that Marie (who is still saying no), "es diablo." Or, as the subtitles helpfully translate, "She's the devil." He keeps begging on behalf of his mother and his father. Marie finally gets her clue as the shoeshine guy relents and agrees to stay a little longer (doing nobody any favors), and she goes running down the alley. Nicky runs along with her, leaving her cart behind and asking Marie for the Express Pass, which Marie says she can't hand over right now. I think she's trying to play it off like she doesn't have time to root through her backpack for it, but she interviews, "Nicky wanted the Express Pass and I thought to myself, if I use it, what do I gain? Nothing that they had to offer really helped in any way." Which is totally worth pissing off the one team who can stand her. Marie tells Nicky to just go back, get her rug and pass Rowan, who is finally learning from the supervisors that he's got the wrong kind of stand. "So I have to go back, get another stand and do another shoeshine," he says as he runs back out to the square. "Very frustrating, I can tell you that." I'm sure the guy whose time he wasted would agree. At least give that dude a tip or something.

Marie meets back up with Tim in eighth place and they get in their cab. On the way, Marie complains to Tim about Rowan calling her the devil in in Spanish. "'She's the devil, she's the devil.' What? Zip it, Bingo." Tim has been waiting for her to take a breath so he can say, "I kind of agree." That brings her up short in mid-rant to glare at him, and he says, "What? You're on my team, I can say that." And it's not like she doesn't know.

Tim & Danny show up at the mat, which has been moved off the bridge since it got dark. I assume that's because the narrow, swinging bridge was no place to stand up the floodlights required to illuminate the space for the cameras. Also the mountain man has donned a hat and poncho. And Tim & Danny are team number six. Then Ally & Ashley come bouncing into view. "Wow, look at you guys, eh?" Phil remarks before telling them they're team number seven. Much hopping up and down ensues.

Kim and Shane are still at the Roadblock waiting area, not sure what's going on. What's going on is that Nicky can't find her rug and we see her walking past a wall of garbage bags, as though someone threw it away, which would make this a very long night for her. Rowan is also trotting through the square, rereading the clue and discovering the words, "Marked shoeshine stand." He finds one and plops down in front of the customer, pretty much literally. I learned from cartoons that Underdog and Shoeshine Boy are one and the same, and that appears to be the case now as well. Nicky is still running around, calling to Kim, "Bunny, this is awful!" Rowan finishes his shoeshine and Nicky finds her rug, which is still siting unattended in the middle of the square, right where she left it. So that's a lucky break for her. She retrieves it while Rowan gets his stand packed up to return to the garage. Which, at least he knows where that is now. But so does Nicky, who beats him there, with her rug now included. While he spills all his shit and has to clean it up, she finally gets her clue. "Did you get it all done?" he asks when she goes by him on her way out while he's repacking. Which she did. Rowan heaves his chair up into place and gets his clue while Nicky & Kim are still hugging, and Shane watches them reunite, having to know that he and Rowan are still in last place. "Warning, the last team to check in may be eliminated," Kim reads from the clue. They get a taxi by the time Rowan & Shane read their clue. Kim hugs Nicky in the back of their cab, and Rowan rushes their driver along. When he and Shane finally get one, that is.

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