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Rowan & Shane's cab is just driving down the road all alone, and Rowan says they may be last or lost. Why not both? Rowan comments about how they haven't seen any other teams, taxis or even cars. "So we're either very, very right or very, very wrong." Notice how when racers say that it's almost never the former?

Exes Tim & Marie arrive at the Detour clue in seventh place and decide to go with Brining. Baseball wives Nicky & Kim, in eighth, decide on Brining just before Okies Tim & Danny jog up wondering, "How did they get here before us?" The usual way, most likely. Tim interviews that they carry fifty-pound sacks all day during their eighty-hour weeks in the oil business, so they're Brining it. Who puts oil in sacks, though? I may have just figured out why they're so underpaid.

At the Mining task, Brandon & Adam and Leo & Jamal are chipping away at their boulders, while Chester & Ephraim are just picking up great hunks of rock and crushing them to pieces against each other. Don't worry -- a "Hulk smash" reference is deployed, meeting all FCC requirements. Brandon & Adam shift to a teamwork approach -- both of them working the same crack, which sounds kind of dirty -- and manage to split open their rock to find the red-and-yellow cylinder inside. When Adam unrolls the slip of paper it contains, it's telling them to go back to Iquique to take what Phil calls "a one-thousand-mile bus ride along the coast to the capital of Chile: Santiago." As though there's anything but coast in Chile. Some of us do own globes, Phil. After reaching the capital, they'll have to find Plaza de Armas -- a busy public square that looks to be in the center of town -- to find their next clue. Brandon & Adam get on their bikes and get out of there, congratulating themselves on going from last to first. "E.T. it," Adam says, and they touch fingertips in one of the geekier bro-handshakes I've ever seen in my life. And I've been to Comic-Con.

Leo & Jamal manage to split their boulder clean in two, finding a clue cylinder inside. That puts them in second place and they're not quiet about it, either. Nor are they quiet about their sighting of Ally & Ashley schlepping salt-bags in their bikinis at the other Detour. I'm actually kind of amazed they don't hang out to watch.

Amy is pointing out to Jason that with their low body fat, they won't float as quickly as they otherwise might. Of course, most teams will have the same problem. They're still at it, along with the ER docs and the blondes as Tim & Marie arrive at this Detour option. Marie figures they'll be able to make up some time, given that she's the only woman there capable of carrying two bags at a time. Tim backs her up in an interview, saying that when Marie works out she doesn't have a brake -- just "gas pedal only." And also the rest of the time, from what we've seen.

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