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Brandon & Adam have made it back to their cabs and ask their driver to take them to the bus station so they can go to Santiago. Don't worry, the cabbie doesn't end up driving them all the way to the capital. Ephraim finally smashes a relatively small chunk of rock that's only the size of his head and finds the clue inside. And Rowan & Shane arrive at the Detour clue box in last place, but at least they're not lost any more. Shane invites Rowan to call it, but Rowan insists they're a team, so Shane decides they'll do Mining. They hop on their bikes and start riding, but Shane's positive attitude goes unappreciated by Rowan, who is in no kind of shape for this. "I don't want to talk, you're using my air," Rowan pants. "If I need help, I'll ask." As they're leaving, Leo & Jamal are just returning. "Oh my god, they're so screwed," Leo smirks, and they're soon congratulating themselves in their taxi to the bus station. Meanwhile, Tim & Danny and Nicky & Kim are arriving on their bikes at the Brining task and seeing what's what. "Do we have to have bathing suits on?" asks one of the baseball wives, who have just dubbed themselves "Team Bunny," because of how they call each other "Bunny." And here I thought there couldn't be a more demeaning name for that team than "baseball wives."

Brandon & Adam are still in first place when they arrive at the Iquique bus station, present themselves at to the ticket window (where the staff includes a cat stretched out on the counter) and use Adam's Spanish to get tickets for a bus to Santiago that leaves at 1:30 PM. Jamal also uses his Spanish when he and Leo arrive and are surprised to learn that the bus ride is not five hours, but twenty-four. Wow, that sounds super fun. But Jamal tries to find the bright side by skeezing at the ticket agent, "Are there ladies on the bus? Very pretty?" Maybe, but none for you. You're race-married anyway, pal.

Back at the salt mines -- and find me another show where the recapper gets to use the phrase "back at the salt mines" in the literal sense -- Tim & Marie's bickering is getting on the nerves of Ally & Ashley in the adjoining tank as both teams try to mix up the salt in their water. Meanwhile, Jason & Amy have added all the salt they need to, so now they're buoyant enough to float on their backs, using their hands to hold tabloid-sized newspapers up out of the water and read them out loud to the mining supervisor. Jason says in a post-leg interview that they put in so much salt he nearly floated out of the pool and according to Phil's Twitter stream, 33 bags per team is what it took for the water to reach the saturation point. That's 825 kilograms or nearly a ton of salt that each team had to schlep. That's no joke, man.

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