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Jason & Amy are the first team to finish this Detour option and the fourth to finish the Detour, period. Nicole & Travis get their clue in fifth place shortly thereafter, while Tim & Marie are still doing what Tim & Marie do, which is to say, arguing. Marie is yelling that they need to look at the clue to find the answer, and Tim is trying to make the point that they should keep mixing up the salt-sludge at the bottom rather than trying to add more, like a in pitcher of lemonade. "Are we trying to float in a tub of lemonade?" Marie demands like that's the stupidest thing she's ever heard. Tim wearily explains that it's called an analogy, which Marie bitches doesn't make sense. I agree that Kool-Aid would be a better metaphor, but Marie isn't even trying to get along here. You know, between her single-minded drive, her need for rules and control and her attitude with regard to social skills, I'm starting to wonder if maybe she doesn't have some kind of undiagnosed spectrum disorder. Which of course she doesn't, because I just diagnosed it.

Team NFL shows up at the bus station and after checking in with the two teams who got there before them, they get on the 1:30 bus as well. Pretty much what this scene tells us is that it's not yet 1:30.

Tim & Marie do their floaty-reading and get their clue in sixth-place. Getting passed in this fashion is not at all disheartening to the blondes; in fact, Ashley says, "I'm glad they're gone, I don't want to have to listen to them anymore." We check in on Nicky & Kim (mostly Kim) complaining about how hard this is, and then see Ally & Ashley doing their floaty-reading and getting the okay to proceed. The baseball wives continue carefully adding salt like they're baking a large loaf of bread instead of making a miniature Dead Sea. While riding in, Shane calls behind him to ask if Rowan is okay. "Don't make me talk!" Rowan yells. "If I'm not I'll tell you! This is all good air!" So quit'cher bitchin', then. I'm pretty sure Shane isn't making Rowan complain. They reach the Detour and head to the rocks. Meanwhile, Kim has cut-up arms (which has to sting with all this salt) and is cold, so she begs Nicky for a hug so she can feel warm. Her partner obliges and they say "I love you" to each other, and the Chilean salt mine worker looks as though like a couple of wet Americans in bikinis hugging each other isn't the worst thing he's seen all week.

Jason & Amy are getting their tickets on the 1:30 bus, Jason jokingly asking the ticket agent not to sell any more tickets to anyone else. Which doesn't work, because Nicole & Travis also get on that bus. Still not 1:30, clearly.

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