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Have Guam, Will Travel

The BQs get off the ferry and get a taxi to the airport. In the taxi, they talk about how the next ferry is probably about halfway across.

4:37 AM. Danny and Oswald. They count their money as they get ready to go. Oswald says that they're marked for elimination, and once again, we revisit the entire "karma" business from the last episode, and they go so far as to say they've asked the universe for forgiveness. (Universe's Forgiveness Department: "Go away; I'm trying to leave the line open for when Dick Cheney calls. ... Whatever, I'm an optimist.")

Charla and Mirna and Eric and Pink get taxis to the airport. In the Mirna/Charla taxi, Mirna asks whether the driver has a cell phone, and she starts trying to put on her affected accent to talk about calling the airport. "How you say 'airport'?" she asks. "Airport," the taxi driver says, clearly bored with her, which is the only workable defense. "You have to try to do the right accent; makes all the difference in the world," she says. For instance, in China, she finds that a generic Eastern European accent works well, while in South America, she uses an accent from Eastern Europe. Zanzibar was the kind of place where it's better to try to talk like an Eastern European, while people in Mozambique talk a lot like Eastern Europeans. It's all about adaptability. You have to be nimble. Listen carefully, ye citizens of the world! I'll tell you, Mirna is nothing if not a mystery wrapped in an enigma cooked in shut the hell up.

Danny and Oswald get the 6:00 AM ferry to Hong Kong. They're pretty sure that all the other teams are out ahead of them. Good call!

The BQs arrive at the airport and go to the counter, where they ask about flights to Guam. We see Charla and Mirna at the same time in their cab, and Mirna is using the cab driver's phone to call ahead and check. They both find the same flight on Cathay Pacific. It leaves at 9:05 AM. The BQs book at the counter, while Mirna directs her cab to take them to that counter. So the calling ahead definitely helped, although it doesn't look like she was able to do the tickets over the phone. Eric and Pink arrive at the airport. When they come up behind the BQs in line, Kandice turns around and says, "You look very buff today, Eric." And it's true that he's wearing this tight shirt that sort of invites you to inspect his every pec ripple. Pink has a giggle with the BQs about Eric's see-through show-off shirt, which might as well have arrows pointing to his nipples. And maybe twinkle lights. All three lead teams get on that same 9:05 flight.

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