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Have Guam, Will Travel

Teams wash planes. Oswald immediately concludes that this is probably the harder of the two tasks. Dustin likens it to washing a really, really big pot. Heh. As Mirna throws books into a box, she says loudly, "Mathematics books! Books are really important! They help you out a lot in life!" Oh my God, I've been wondering what the fuck books were for. Especially textbooks! I grew up with them, and I thought they were for putting in your backpack to strengthen your core. Apparently, they have some value? And help you in life? I am totally keeping this episode on tape in case I ever forget that. Pink, meanwhile, has concluded that she would not excel in the Air Force. I think we can all agree on that. Mirna and Charla conclude that their box is heavy enough (there's something SpongeBob on top, which is kind of funny), and they go to put tape around it. Which tape someone will later rip off to repack the box, is what I think. When they're done, they follow the military guy toward the plane.

The teams doing the cleaning are finding it quite difficult. Arms are getting tired, and I think they're probably getting kind of hot and gross in all that gear. Mirna drags Charla by the hand toward the plane. What is with the dragging? Is there any reason why two 30-year-old women need to hold hands while they're running? No, there is not. Not unless one of them is a child, which neither of them is, Mirna. They get on the plane, and it takes off. They point out "the box," although considering that they ran directly to the plane, it's fairly obviously not their box.

The BQs get the guy over to check on their cleaning, but he finds some stuff that still needs to be fixed. In an interview, they laugh that "there was no charming the sergeant," and that he was all business for sure. Oswald and Danny also get checked, and they're also told that they aren't done.

Mirna and Charla experience a nosedive. That seems just, somehow. And then their plane training-exercisedly drops whatever box it is to whatever pretend people are on the other end of the training exercise. Mirna refrains from leaning out of the plane as the box is dropping and yelling PSAs, like, "You take box! You learn! Stay in school! Don't do drugs! You rock vote!" Mirna turns and says to the cargo plane pilot, "Come on, let's make it fast." I'm not sure he's accustomed to taking direction from the civilians about how fast to fly the plane.

The BQs get approval that their plane is clean enough, and the guy gives them their clue. It tells them to drive to the U.S. Naval Base Guam and find another clue. Military day! Phil says that this is a 21-mile drive, and that a naval escort will drive them to their next clue. They're glad to be the first team out, while Oswald and Danny and Eric and Pink keep working. Eric and Pink are next to be approved to leave, so that leaves just Danny and Oswald working.

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