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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

In the cab to the Detour, Mark is voicing his appreciation that the Speed Bump didn't take them off course at all. Yeah, I was noticing that too. Maybe the producers just want them in the Pit Stop before dark. Soon they're at the #24 Bridge, reading the clue: "Who's ready for some fowl play?" Michael thinks that fowl is fish, and Mark agrees that the "fowl play" pun means that this is clearly a fishing task. So, once again, they've gotten to the right place in the wrong way.

Jaime and Cara have found the dance park, and they choose a couple to take aside and teach them the steps. Jaime dances with the woman while Cara dances with the man, in case it wasn't already obvious that Jaime would be leading. They seem to be picking it up rather quickly, as one would expect.

Kisha and Jen arrive at the first calligraphy station, trying to puzzle out what it is they're supposed to do. Margie and Luke show up, and it's quietly tense between the two teams until Luke finds the low table stacked with calligraphy supplies. Both teams stay out of each other's way as they fumble with the accoutrements, but the sisters are vocally keen to beat Margie and Luke. Tammy and Victor arrive, and now he's even speaking to his sister in Chinese: "We have to write what they write. Oh, our Chinese sucks." Yeah, I was gonna say. Everyone's copying down characters, and Tammy says, "Sadly, Victor and I did not pay attention in Chinese school." Oh, please, with the false modesty. I suspect you paid more attention there than the other teams did.

Cara and Jaime are ready to try the dance with each other, as their instructor-couple watch and give non-verbal tips throughout. In VO, Cara explains that they met as Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. "Having experience with choreography, we are very trained to do exactly what we are taught down to the T." It'll be embarrassing if they blow this, then. The woman teaching them is posing them like action figures, and Jaime laughs at the "manhandling," instead of screaming at her for it. Cara should start every leg with an affirmation.

Michael's out on the river, tossing fish in for his birds, while Mark huddles under a blanket on the main raft, yelling advice and looking like an invalid.

Tammy re-explains the calligraphy option for slower viewers, as we see that the sisters have just successfully copied the characters for "Fu Yong Lang." They get a stamp on their card and are sent on their way to find the next station. Tammy and Victor are right behind them, and the four of them run down the path together, just as Luke and Margie are finishing up. Jaime and Cara seem confident that they've mastered the dance, so they head back to the dance floor to try it out. Victor is asking locals for directions to Fu Yong Lang, and they point them off down the path.

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