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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Over at the dance floor, while we hear Cara talking about the advantage their cheerleading training afforded them, we see them bumping into another couple. And their teacher giggles at how much they're stinking up the floor. Maybe this is happening because they're ex-NFL cheerleaders, and are used to performing in spaces that are also used for people to crash into each other.

Tammy and Victor, with Kisha and Jen in tow, reach the outdoor shelter with the Fu Yong Lang characters posted on the edge of its roof and babble away in Chinese at the calligrapher waiting there. "Yeah, whatever they said," Jen agrees, apparently without moving her lips. Much has been made of Tammy and Victor's advantage with the language here, but if Jen can really communicate telepathically, that's an even bigger deal to me.

Jaime and Cara finish their dance, but the judges shake their heads. The dancers laugh, as the expression goes, which of course pisses Jaime off. "They think it's hilarious, but we're in a race and they're laughing." Do you hear that, locals? Laugh faster!

At the second calligraphy station, Tammy and Victor finish first, and suck up to the calligrapher on their way out. Luke and Margie are right behind them, followed by the sisters. By now, Victor is already asking someone for directions to Wang Peng Yun Tong Xiang, and everyone follows them. This park is huge. Elsewhere, the cheerleaders are having another crack at the dance, counting to each other out loud as they go. "Just walk over them, I don't care," Jaime says when she backs Cara into another couple. Charming. "We're ticking people off with our dancing," Cara says. Yes, including the judges.

Tammy and Victor introduce themselves to the third calligrapher: "We are foreign born, Chinese from America. If we don't win, our parents will cry themselves to death." Victor soon finishes writing "Yang Qiao Xia Mien," and shows it to the judge. He gives it a glance, then turns to see the work Kisha's holding out, but Tammy and Victor say, "Us first, us first." So that's their third stamp, and all six racers head to the last station.

Michael gets his bird to deliver the tenth fish, and they return to shore, planning to catch up. "That was a very unusual task, but very cool," Michael post-mortems in the cab to the Ancient South Gate. I'm glad it was Michael who did that task, so we didn't have to hear Mark telling us how awesome he did.

Jaime and Cara finish the dance again, and the female judge shakes her head and says, "No." "Huh?" Jaime says flatly, like that's the wrong answer. "Well, what is the problem?" she demands. "Do you speak any English whatsoever? Anyone speak any English?" Jaime, did you not hear her say no? That's English, among a few other languages. We go to commercial on Jaime making a frustrated lizard-face. After the ads, they're still not getting any constructive feedback, so they decide to leave. It's Cara who wants to go, but it's Jaime who snits, "Goodbye," just so everyone knows that she's not only leaving, she's mad about it, too.

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