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It's actually Jen and Kisha who get everyone pointed in the right direction to the fourth calligraphy station, which is in a tunnel. This park is bigger than the city it's in.

Jaime and Cara decide to quit looking for calligraphy when they decide to give it another try, but this time they plan to keep going until the music stops. Mark and Michael are happy with their cabbie's confidence level about their destination, probably because they don't yet realize that the size of the place would make it impossible to miss anyway. And at calligraphy station four, Victor says, "Teacher, look, I'm done. Just give us our fourth stamp." They have to repeat it a couple of times, but soon they have their next clue, in the form of a small scroll. They step away from the others to unroll it, revealing an ink drawing of a pair of pagodas and the words, "Travel by foot to the next Pit Stop."

Phil says that would be Banyan Lake, where they'll need to match up the view in the picture. In fact, that ink-drawing clue would be suitable for framing, if you just drew Phil in at the bottom, like we see him now on the screen. "Nestled in the shadow of the famous sun and moon pagodas, this lakeside spot is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race," he says. And the last team to check in may be eliminated.

Margie and Luke get their clue in second place, with Kisha and Jen right behind them in third. Then it's kind of a scrum, with everyone running together. Waiting at the mat, Phil points across the lake and excitedly says, "There they are, inside, right there! See?" His two co-greeters, an older couple enjoying a casual lunch at a folding table off to one side, don't seem to share his excitement. "We got three teams all together," Phil adds. But the first team across the footbridge and onto the mat, by mere seconds, is Kisha and Jen. "We beat Margie and Luke. Good job, Jen," Kisha says. Victor and Tammy arrive next, in second, followed by Margie and Luke in third. "Welcome to Guilin, China," the male diner says over his bowl and chopsticks. These greeters remind me of the director of the Vinny Vedecci show on SNL. Phil gives them their official ranks, and tells Kisha and Jen that they've won a trip to Barbados. Their first win of the Race.

And then he says something kind of regrettable, because of where it leads: "I feel like things are getting a little more tense now, as we're getting close to the finish." Of course it's Tammy and Victor who speak up, because they don't have any idea of the extent to which this has been trumped up by the involved parties. "It's good, spirited fun," Victor says, but the sisters say, "No, it's not," while behind him, Margie is signing "Don't say anything" to Luke. "I'm angry," he signs back. But the sisters aren't taking the high road here, so Margie tells Phil, "He was at the box first, she came up from behind and shoved Luke. And then she called him a bitch." Jen unrepentantly admits as much, and Phil asks, "Do you think there could have been a misunderstanding? You were going for the clue box..." Jen says that's right, and says they both saw it together, and in case you wanted to see it yet again, we get another clip of Jen crashing into Luke from behind. "He put his butt out, I almost got an elbow to the face. He moved out of the way, I got to the clue box, I called him a bitch because it was a bitch move." I can't really disagree with her description, other then the implication that a single bitch move makes one a bitch. Now the greeters are paying attention, by the way.

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