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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Jaime and Cara have realized their mistake: they're supposed to have kept doing the dance until the music stopped, not just gone through it once. And, as with most dance tasks on this show, you don't actually have to do it all that perfectly in the first place. So this time they get their clue, and schlep over to the Pit Stop as Team Number Four. "Were there five on this leg?" Cara asks, and doesn't let herself sigh in relief until Phil tells her there were. Funny, we saw her counting so well during the dancing.

Mark and Michael finish learning the dance, and despite the mocking classical waltz playing on the soundtrack and the laughing of the instructors, they get it done. At least they don't have to suffer the indignity of Phil appearing on the dance floor next to them and eyebrowing, "May I cut in?" But when they jog to the Pit Stop, Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive, and have been eliminated. "You guys ran it hard all the way to the end," Phil tells them, which is the nicest he's ever been to them. Looks like their last-minute rehabilitation is underway. Mark says people make mistakes, but it was a great run. And their post-Philimination interview, in which Mark says he wouldn't have done the Race with anyone else (no comment on whether Michael feels the same way) is laced with slow-motion replays of the Stuntmen's greatest hits. Leaning their heads out the window of the train in Switzerland, Mark running in his underwear in Novosibirsk, Mark pulling Michael on the rickshaw through Phuket. Interesting how even in this video eulogy, they couldn't avoid including an example of them accidentally cheating. Michael says the race has humbled him a little bit, which is something you wouldn't catch Mark saying, and over clips of them singing in the karaoke van in Bangkok, he says, "I always need to come back to the right size that I am, and it's shown me places and people that I wouldn't otherwise experience." Like Mark's cheese rack coming apart on that Swiss hill. Even funnier in slo-mo. "This world's an amazing place," Michael concludes in a solo interview. If their farewell clip package was designed to make us sorry they're gone, keeping Mark's participation in it to a minimum was probably the way to go.

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