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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

The second flight into Guangzhou is shown landing, so that's three teams in China now, just waiting for their 8:30 flight into Guilin. Except the board shows that the 8:30 connecting flight is delayed, so those teams are going to be waiting together.

The third plane into Guangzhou lands at night, and Kisha and Jen make their way to their connecting flight, having not seen any other teams yet. It's 8:51 at this point, and Margie and Luke tell us that Kisha and Jen may be on a different connecting flight into Guilin. Indeed, unlike the teams that left Bangkok before them, they seem to be leaving Guangzhou on time, at 9:10. "We have not seen any other teams all day long," Kisha says from her seat on the plane pre-takeoff. Alas, their luck in that department is not going to hold. And neither will ours.

So they end up landing first in Guilin, in total darkness. Once they've secured a cab and are en route, Jen says, "There was nobody on our flight, so we don't know what the hell's going on right now." She should look down to where it says "Currently in first place" at the bottom of the screen.

It's still dark when the next flight from Guangzhou touches down, so that's Margie|Luke, Jaime|Cara, and Tammy|Victor in town, with only the Stuntmen still en route. The new arrivals rush separately for cabs, and it's soon apparent that this is going to be a strong leg for Team Family Law, as they ask a cabbie in subtitled Mandarin, "Do you know Qing Xiu Lu?" He does, and they're on their way. And let me just lay something out there right now: Tammy and Victor are not going to be shy with the Chinese this leg, so in order to save us all time I'm going to indicate when they're speaking the local language by putting their subtitled dialogue in italics. Good? Hao.

Luke and Margie get their own cab and follow them. Jaime and Cara don't have anyone to follow, so of course Jaime can't resist saying, "We don't really have any idea if we're going where we're supposed to be going, but okay." In the Tammy|Victor cab, they tell their driver, "We are racing against two teams of foreigners." Yeah, keep your American passports put away if you're going to go that route, you two. The driver doesn't seem to care, but Tammy loves being in a country where they speak the language, "and none of the other teams do." Behind them, Margie admits that they're worried about the siblings' Mandarin skills. Luke adds that he'd "like to go to a country where all the people are deaf and all the people sign so we would have the advantage." What a bitter irony that they can't simply backtrack, because I think Jaime's screeching has been leaving a trail of just such countries in their wake.

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