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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

That is one long cab ride, because the sun comes up and it's full daylight - although it looks dreary and overcast -- before anyone even reaches the neighborhood that is their destination. In their cab, Kisha says it's going to be a competitive leg. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," Jen says, finally officially draining that expression of all possible meaning. Soon their cab drops them off near some kind of neighborhood gate or checkpoint, telling them that this is where they need to be. But now they're just on foot, trying to get directions from people who don't understand what they're asking. Tammy and Victor pass by them in their cab, but they're running up against the limits of their linguistic advantage. As Tammy talks to the camera, Victor is having a conversation with the driver. "So this is Qin Xiu Lu, right?" "Yes, but I don't see any addresses," the driver admits. Tammy laughs in an interview, "Even though we can communicate with our cab driver, all it means is that we understand him when he says he doesn't know where we're going."

Jaime and Cara seem to be having better luck, as they're being driven straight to it. "She probably gets her hair done there," Jaime says of their driver, because if she actually had to give a cab driver credit for something, her skull would collapse. Sure enough, they find the clue box first, right next to one of the shiny, gold-wrapped trees that line the sidewalk. They also notice the Speed Bump sign with Mark and Michael's picture on it, which is making its appearance quite early in the leg. Jaime opens their clue, which is sending them to something called the #24 Bridge, over the Li river. Ah, bridges are inherently so romantic, and is there any name for a bridge more romantic than #24? Other than #69, of course. The Racers will find their next clue there. But first the cheerleaders have to run after their cab driver, who has started to leave without them. They catch up to her just as Tammy and Victor pull up and get their clue in second place. Team Go Team is still talking to their driver outside the cab, aware of the other team behind them, when Jaime cuts off discussion by pronouncing, "You? Go here." There's our girl. Then, realizing that Victor might be speaking Chinese to their driver, they decide to just follow him and Tammy to where they're going. Up ahead, the siblings remark that the other teams haven't been asking them for help, which seems to be working fine for the cheerleaders. They're unaware that they're following them right now. "We had a taxi driver who knew the right area, and that's a change for us," Jaime says. And as a result, she will now yell at her ten percent more quietly.

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