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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Ready for another replay? We get one after the ads. In the cab, Margie is saying, "I didn't expect that from her. That's just wrong." And Jen's still doing it, in the cab behind them. "Luke is a bitch," she repeats. "Calling the deaf guy a bitch is not nice," Luke signs. Hey, hasn't he always been saying that deaf people can do anything hearing people can do? Well, sorry, but sometimes getting called a bitch is one of those things. Kisha is quite understandably taking her sister's side in this, and vows to U-Turn them if they get a chance. "Game on, bitches." Can we please quit with the B-word already? My kid's watching this episode, too, you motherfucking cocksuckers.

Across town, Tammy and Victor tell their cab to wait as they get out at the #24 bridge. It's a Road Block. Phil squats on a log raft as he says, "One person has to take part in Guilin's fishing industry. But they'll have to learn to do things the old fashioned way." Specifically, they'll ride a raft out to the middle of the river. Then a local will help them "train" cormorants to retrieve fish. Which means throw fishes in the river for the bird to bring back. After it's brought back ten fish, they get to go back to the shore for the next clue. I'm sure the local fishermen will appreciate having these Americans come out and help them bring back fish they'd already caught.

"Who's ready for some fowl play?" the clue reads, as you knew it would. Tammy volunteers to do it. "She can speak Chinese to them, so hopefully that means she can do it faster," Victor says. Does he mean the fishermen, or the birds? She asks her punter to take her to the closest raft waiting out in the river.

Jaime and Cara are now arriving at the bridge, and Jaime's doing this one. She gets along well with animals, remember. Still, not so much with the humans, as she gets impatient about the rafter taking too long to push them off. Out in the river, Tammy is transferring from her raft to a much smaller one, long but literally six logs wide, with a rafter and a couple of big baskets for fish already on board. "They are kinda gross," Tammy chirps. Her fisherman gets them into position while Team Go Team's transport raft approaches.

Mark and Michael approach a group of white-coated locals to ask for directions, but the speedy torrent of Mandarin, while pleasantly delivered, is not helpful. Mark even regrets not being able to understand them, since they seemed so nice. What's this? Is Mark admitting to not being able to do something? I would have at least expected him to claim to have gotten the gist of what they were saying, having read The Good Earth in college. Instead, they flag down another cab.

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