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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Luke and Margie are aware of Jen and Kisha in the cab behind them as they approach the #24 bridge. "He did it once, I'm sure Margie and Luke will do it again," Jen predicts. They get out of their cabs at about the same time, and then it's an emotionally charged footrace down to the clue box, with Luke right behind Jen. She reaches the clue box first, and he tries to reach over her, but runs into her from behind instead. She crashes into the clue box and nearly knocks it over, but manages to hold it and herself upright. Meanwhile, Luke is trying to come around her, and gets an elbow of his own. "My momentum, like, carried me into the clue box," Jen interviews, pointedly not blaming Luke. "She grabbed my arm and pushed me back," Luke says through Margie, which I am not seeing. As soon as Jen completes her elbow move, Luke steps back and holds his hands high, to show he's not trying to do anything. Margie and Kisha arrive, and Margie snaps, "Kisha, cut it out!" Oops, wrong sister. They yell at each other for a few seconds before retreating to neutral corners to read their clues. "Don't let it get you mad and get you all upset," Margie advises Luke as they go down to the raft so he can do the Road Block. "This is getting ugly," Kisha says. "What is wrong with that woman?" Margie translates for Luke. Soon the sisters are out on the water, and Jen yells across to Tammy, "You should have seen the fight that we just had between Luke and I. He pushed me into the clue box." "Twice," Kisha adds. Victor does a double take, like he's thinking, Shit, we're supposed to be on a river, so how did we end up on a schoolyard?

Tammy's getting ready to officially begin the Road Block. "When I think of birds and smelly fish, I think of you," Victor tells her in a brotherly way. Tammy starts tossing fish from the basket on her boat near the cormorant that's just been released onto the water, but the bird ignores the first couple. "My bird is struggling a little bit," Tammy laughs. Victor tells her to communicate with it. "They only understand Chinese." Ohhh, he was taking about the birds. Now I don't know what to do with that joke I dropped in about five paragraphs ago.

Jaime's having better luck, and she marvels in an interview over being able to train birds to do this. "If someone tossed filet mignon in my mouth, I do not believe I would give it back," she laughs. That's good to know. Remind me not to do that with filet mignon. Jen has already begun the task. "She's usually ready for foul play, so I said she should do it," Kisha laughs in a post-leg interview, earning herself a couple of slaps upside the head from Jen. See? Violent girl. Although at least she doesn't call Kisha a bitch half a dozen times. Luke's cormorant is slow to give up the bird it just brought him, so he signs, "Bad duck." The bird fails to look duly chastened. Tammy is actually using some Chinese on her cormorant. "Look, bird" she calls. And that seems to work. Now two birds are seen fighting over the same fish, but it goes to Jaime. Presumably that bird doesn't care what any of the other birds think of it.

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