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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Across town, Mark and Michael's driver nearly ferries them right past the hair salon, but they spot the clue box and Speed Bump signs from their window and get the cabbie to stop. They've certainly brought their A-game, now that they're seven hours behind. They rip open their Speed Bump clue, and as usual, it's not too challenging. Plus it's got the added non-difficulty of not even requiring them to go anywhere. Right there at the hair salon, where they are already at, all they have to do is shampoo, rinse, and towel-dry the hair of a couple of local ladies. They're already sitting in chairs out on the sidewalk, and a salon employee hands each Stuntman a towel for his lady's shoulders, then a bottle of shampoo each. Mark starts by squirting a big circle of goo on his lady's head, causing the employee to grab at it and the subject to give the camera a nervous look (and the Amazing Editors to insert a gong noise, of course). The brothers get right to work, with Mark being none too careful about keeping the massive amount of suds he's generating out of his subject's eyes. "My dad's a hairstylist, by the way," he can't resist remarking. "Is good?" he asks her, leaning around to look at her face. "Yeah, she's smiling." No, she's cringing. By the way, my dad used to be a mechanic, but you do not want me under the hood of your car under any circumstances. I'm just saying.

Out on the river, Jen is up to seven fish, while Tammy is still telling her bird in Mandarin,"Little bird, you have to grab it." But she's still only up to six, same as Jaime. We don't hear Luke saying how many he has, but as he sits on his raft, waiting with a fish in his hand, mock-ominous music portends the approach of a very determined-looking bird swimming towards him. Sure enough, it snatches the fish right out of Luke's hand, being none too careful about it. Looks like it took a bit of Luke as well, right between the thumb and forefinger. Everyone soon knows what happened (probably due to Luke's wails of "Ow, ow, ow!"), and Jen laughs. "Dumb bird," Margie translates for Luke afterward.

Jen and Jaime both seem to finish at about the same time, so they board their main raft to return to the shore with their partners. "I smell stanky now," Jaime says. Kisha and Jen are once again "currently in first place" as they turn in their fish and get their next clue.

Now it's off to the "Ancient South Gate," a thousand-year-old structure near their next clue. The sisters' driver knows where it is. "My ass is wet," Jen says as they get in their cab. Of Luke's injury out on the water, Jen says, "I really believe in karma. There's a replay of the bite, and Jen says, "It was extremely bad sportsmanship." Does she mean the elbow, the bitch-calling, or the biting?

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