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Never Get In a Shouting Match with a Deaf Guy

Jaime and Cara get in their cab, and Jamie happily says, "She gets it now!" As they drive along, Jaime says, "I'm excited, because our taxi driver has now realized we're in a race. It's amazing how much faster her taxi seems to go." Cara needs to start every leg with an affirmation.

Luke finishes the Road Block next, and he talks some more about the avian attack he suffered as they ride back to shore. Tammy, who got there first, still has only nine fish. And what's worse is that her bird has flown the coop. "We need the bird to come back! They're so disobedient!" Victor cries. Try some more Mandarin.

Mark and Michael have their customers bent over a trough to rinse their hair. Then it's a quick towel-dry, and the salon employee presents them with their clue sending them to Bridge #24. Back to their cab. "That was fun," Mark chuckles. For you maybe, but the lady you just beat up is going to have PTSD flashbacks every time she sees a bottle of Suave for the rest of her life.

Tammy manages to lure her bird back with a combination of fish and Mandarin, and she finishes the task. In a solo interview, Victor says they do better when they work together as a team. Points to him for learning from his mistakes. They head back to shore, and pass Margie and Luke so quickly that they think they haven't done it yet. "Just like cab drivers, we get the slow boat drivers too," Margie says. Indeed, the siblings get their clue in third place. As they get back in their cab, Victor tells Margie and Luke's driver, "You guys drive slower! You are driving too fast!" I think he's joking, and even if he isn't, he has to know it wouldn't work anyway. And it doesn't, when Margie and Luke take off in fourth. "That was fun, until the bird bit me," Luke says.

In the cab, Tammy says, "I'm not quite sure but, as we were on the boats, Jennifer said something about Luke body-checking her." To her credit, she reiterates that she's not sure what actually happened. Of course Kisha and Jen are; at least in their own minds. "That was dirty and unnecessary," Jen says. Up ahead, Margie is telling Luke that Jen's saying he pushed her first. "I know you didn't," she agrees when he denies it. "If they think that's what it takes to win, then by all means, play your game that way," Jen says. And Margie is saying that Jen came from behind and pushed him. "I think I'll piss them off more because I'll laugh in their face," Jen says. Which, yes, will happen. My goodness, the only thing more tiresome to recap than an argument is an argument that takes place in two separate taxis.

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