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Two Men, a Bad Plan, A Canal, Panama

The snowboarders return to the square and finally are able to read "Panama Viejo" on one of the skirts. In their cab, Tommy talks about how tough the semifinals are, and Andy says he thought they were leading the pack. "I'm sure we're not now."

Team Pre-Owned's taxi passes Team Control's on the way to the Pit Stop, and Ernie and Cindy then stress at Juan over it. Cut to the ruins of an old city, where Jeremy and Sandy are indeed the first out of their cab. Cindy thinks it's going to be a footrace when they arrive, but they have to find Phil first. For now they're just standing on the edge of the park watching Jeremy and Sandy run around. I'm not sure that's a solid strategy. Amani and Marcus arrive and do some running of their own.

It's a whole collection of ruins, and at some point, Jeremy and Sandy run around a crumbling wall to find Phil and a costumed greeter standing in an overgrown field. She welcomes them to Panama Viejo, and Phil tells them they're team number one. They seem very happy indeed about their first win, not to mention the trip to Turks and Caicos they just won. And who wouldn't be happy about that trip? It sounds like two trips!

Ernie and Cindy run up next, and there are hugs all around as Phil informs Team Control that they're team number two and will be in the finals. Jeremy hollers out to the approaching Amani and Marcus to hurry, and sure enough Team NFL joins the party on the mat as team number three, securing the last spot in the finals. Phil openly marvels at them and how they all beat out a team who won six legs for their place in the last leg. Marcus has an analogy at the ready, but shocker, it's not as football one. Instead, he compares Andy and Tommy to Goliath and the six of them to David, which is rich coming from a guy his size. "We did enough today to make it to the finals. Unbelievable." And tomorrow, they'll all be starting one minute apart.

Andy and Tommy finally make it to the Pit Stop after everyone else is long gone. "Found it!" Andy chirps bravely in the face of the grave look Phil is giving them. He tells them they were unbelievable throughout the race, "But unfortunately you are the last team to arrive." And thus they are Philiminated. They shake his hand, and Phil says he thought for sure they'd be in the final three. So did they, but they seem to be taking it pretty well. Andy interviews about how it was the experience of a lifetime, and he got to do it with Tommy and "experience God's awesome creation." And God says, "Psych!"

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