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Two Men, a Bad Plan, A Canal, Panama

Jeremy and Sandy are starting out rather later, at 4:20 AM. Sandy interviews that they didn't think they'd make it this far after a couple of really bad legs (or nine, but whatever), but now that they're working better together, their goal is the finals. In which I'm sure they'll come in at the back of the pack one more time. In the taxi to town, Jeremy tells Sandy she makes "a darn hot man. And that sounded weird."

Andy and Tommy find an Internet café, where they Google "comics" and "Charlie Chaplin" and conclude, "That one dude was right!" Oh, dear.

Ernie and Cindy start their leg in third place, at 4:35 AM. Cindy interviews about their pattern of starting each leg strong and then faceplanting somewhere close to the end. The sky is starting to get light as they hop a cab. "Nice mustache," Ernie tells his wife. It's funny because she's a girl.

Jeremy and Sandy have quickly found a group of night owls who know about Tintin. Andy and Tommy have also discovered Tintin online, as well as the location of the mural they're supposed to find. But Tommy still thinks they're Charlie Chaplin for some reason. Sandy and Jeremy learn that they are actually Jonson & Johnson, two detectives. Ernie and Cindy have also found someone who says, "You're the guys from Tintin." Although he understandably pronounces it in the French style so that "Tintin" sounds like a snow-lizard from Hoth. He writes it down for them, but he doesn't know the names of their characters. Not any of them? Jeremy and Sandy are given directions to the mural. Ernie and Cindy find another guy who identifies them as Dupont and Dupond. Meanwhile, Tommy and Andy ride in their cab to the mural as Tommy confidently explains how Tintin is Tintin and they're Charlie Chaplin. "Do you think there's a connection between the two?" Andy asks, which I think is his polite way of saying, "You're totally wrong." Tommy: "No." And what does that tell you, Tommy? Yikes, I'm starting to see what Andy meant last week about being the brains of this operation. Their very survival this late in the race proves what an unusually physical season it's been, if nothing else.

Amani and Marcus are leaving in last place, at 4:40 AM. As always, Marcus has a football analogy ready, comparing this leg once again to an NFL conference championship. Which he admits he's lost three of, so maybe that's not such an encouraging analogy. "We are going to the Super Bowl," he insists, and Amani agrees with what might actually be more than polite indulgence. And then in the cab, they almost laugh their mustaches off. Just like in the NFL.

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