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Two Men, a Bad Plan, A Canal, Panama

Back in the village, Jeremy and Sandy are undergoing their inking while Marcus pep-talks Ernie and Cindy back at the waiting area: "We know what we're doing. We've been here before. We got this, right?" he exaggerates. Whatever else one might say about his pep talks, at least he's not stingy with them. With Jeremy and Sandy done, the last two teams are brought down to the outdoor tattoo shop. While getting his arm painted with a forked stick, Marcus tells us this is a lot easier than a real tattoo. Of the four of them, Cindy is the first to decode hers, and it looks like she and Ernie also got the faster artists, because they leave next, leaving Amani and Marcus in the dust.

Andy and Tommy are back where their cabs dropped them last night, and where fresh ones are now waiting. Handy to have a taxi stand out in the middle of the bush like that. They tell their driver to take them to Francisco Bay Apartment, as do Jeremy and Sandy. "Our goal today is to beat one team," Sandy says, like this hasn't been exactly what they've been doing almost the whole season. Ernie and Cindy get a taxi, in which Cindy says they're "60/40" confident of making the finals. Then Amani and Marcus, the latter of whom is pep-talking again about how they're the comeback kids. "We don't know what staying in last means," he says. They don't seem to know what staying out of it means, either. I mean, you wouldn't have to be the comeback kids if you didn't keep going away in the first place.

Andy and Tommy's taxi pulls up outside the apartment towers, where an old-school clue box stands waiting outside. It's a Roadblock, and Phil says that much like Panama has always been an international crossroads, now the racers will get to cross the Panama City skyline. That line's a bigger stretch than what comes next. He explains that the person doing the Roadblock will have to walk a tightrope between the two rooftops, 35 stories "high above this expanding city," like it's going to expand while they're up there and snap the cable. Also, it's not like they're going to have to do this Wallenda-style; they'll all but hanging from a safety harness attached to a crossbar that is in turn hanging from other cables that run overhead. And of course there's the obligatory helmet and all that happy crappy. They have to walk across once, grab a clue from the opposite tower, then walk back.

This one is going to Andy, who runs excitedly into the building and boards the elevator. Jeremy and Sandy arrive soon after, apparently having eaten up most of their twenty-minute deficit, and we get a look at how the clue includes the note, "Andy, Sandy, Cindy and Amani MUST perform this Roadblock." Presumably their respective partners have already done six each. And wouldn't you know it, Sandy is afraid of heights. Andy emerges from the elevator and says, "Put me in, coach. Nice 368 feet to the ground. Woo!"

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