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Two Men, a Bad Plan, A Canal, Panama

Standing at the end of the cable looking across, Cindy has this to say: "Holy balls." Which I didn't know you could say on TV. She ventures out onto the line, a lot more wobbly and nervous than even Sandy was.

Andy and Tommy spot the rooster statue, do some more crowing, and find the cache of clues sticking out of a nearby stand where a street vendor is making shaved ice as they speak. "I love shaved ice," Tommy says, like anyone cares. It's a Detour, and Phil says it's "an opportunity to work in two of Panama's oldest trades, by choosing "Filet" or "Sole." Clever. For Filet, the teams have to go to the largest fish market in Panama, and then deliver precise amounts of different fish to different vendors throughout the market in order to earn their next clue from the fishmonger. For "Sole," they go to a different marketplace to "practice a skill that's been around for over four thousand years." Namely, they'll need to cut soles from a single piece of leather and make a pair elaborate sandals out of them by adding leather thongs. Ten the cobbler will give them their next clue. You don't see many cobblers on TV (or fishmongers, for that matter), and this one seems pretty eager to make the most of it. The snowboarders agree to do Sole.

Cindy makes it across, grabs the clue, and tells Ernie, "See you downstairs." "I like the technique," Ernie tells her, which I'm sure has nothing to do with the fact that her ass is at his eye level. Cindy advises the waiting Amani to walk like a duck with her toes pointed out, and finishes up. Amani starts across, and Marcus, who is the member of Team NFL with the fear of heights, says he's looking forward to getting off the building. "She does pretty well with heights but I don't," he says, from what looks like the exact center of the rooftop. Down on the ground, Cindy looks up and marvels at where she just was while Amani retrieves the clue and heads back to the first tower. Cindy opens their clue while their driver, Juan, stands reading over her shoulder. As Ernie is aware, Juan was part of the group of drivers discussing the next destination, so they hurry off to catch up. Amani finishes up, and tells us, "I had to envision my kids at each end and that kind of made it easer to get to because I know we're close to seeing them." And what parent hasn't imagined their children dangling from a 35-story skyscraper at one point or another?

Jeremy and Sandy reach the de Lesseps statue and also decide to do shoes. Andy and Tommy are already at the market, soon finding the open-air cobbler's shop where a guy is sitting with bare feet resting on sheets of leather. They get right to work tracing the customer's foot for the shape of the sole and cutting out the pieces with a utility knife. So far, so good; they haven't severed a toe yet.

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