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Two Men, a Bad Plan, A Canal, Panama

Ernie and Cindy reach the Detour clue in third place and also opt for Sole. Driver Juan already knows exactly how to get to the Salsipuede market. On the way, Ernie pronounces him "Muy bien. Numero uno Juan!" Jeremy and Sandy's driver delivers them to a busy square, near which some women in fancy dresses that we'll soon be seeing again are hanging around as though waiting for when it's time to do something. Ernie and Cindy don't fail to notice them as they pass along the way. Amani and Marcus are the last team to get the Detour clue, and as usual, they're doing the option that nobody else is doing, the Filet one. The shaved ice vendor gives them a supportive thumbs-up, like he thinks they're making the right call.

At the cobbler's, Andy and Tommy are busy punching holes in the leather sole with a hammer and awl when Jeremy, Sandy, Ernie and Cindy all arrive together. They join in, while Andy tries to strike up a conversation about surfing with his customer and Sandy and Jeremy whine about how hard it is. Amani and Marcus get dropped off at the Detour -- but it's the Salsipuede market, not the fish market, as they discover when they find the other teams busy with shoes. Rather than just going with it like normal people would, they get upset about being at the wrong place and run back to their taxi to yell at the driver to bring them to the other one. Is this really the best use of their time?

Back from the ads, Amani suggests staying, but Marcus insists the shoes would be too hard. His grandmother the seamstress would be so disappointed. The other three teams stay at it while Amani and Marcus rush their driver into leaving. Some of the shoemaking seems to be going well, with Andy and Tommy starting on the lacing. Cindy, however, accidently rips a lace through their sole, so they have to start that one over. If that's the biggest mistake they make all leg, they'll be doing better than usual.

In their cab to the fish market, Marcus figures that all the taxi-driving-by-committee that we're seeing in Panama is what led them to the wrong Detour, with their driver assuming his fares were going to the same place as the other teams. No matter, they're soon at the fish market, which is big, white and awash in fish guts. They find the crates holding the fish they're supposed to deliver and start gathering them up with their bare hands, as is apparently required. "We're going to smell so fishy," Amani says, loading up a double-armful of barracuda with Marcus. Now they have to schlep it around the market to those vendor stalls that have Amazing Flags pasted on their menu boards, which also have specific weights of different types of fish. Amani explains that anything over that weight wouldn't be accepted, so they'd have to carry any excess to another stand. Still seems less complicated than making sandals from scratch.

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