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Furthermore, Freddy and Kendra have an argument, outside Ikea, about money. He explains that they'll be sleeping on the ground, and Kendra apparently objects on the basis that they should sleep in a hotel, because she is a great big baby. She accuses Freddy of "being cheap," which she apparently was not anticipating in this situation in which they are operating on limited funds and might want to keep some money available for, you know, transportation and stuff. She insists that there's "plenty of money" for a hotel room, but Freddy disagrees. He asks her impatiently whether she intends to "sit in a hotel room and order room service," and, somewhat hilariously, she takes offense at this, as if it's so unfair of him to suggest that just because she wants to get a hotel and is too good to sleep on the ground, she would do anything frivolous like order room service. As if! Well, she never!

Counting/building Detour. "68...80." Jonathan and Victoria have a lengthy and arduous yelling match over the pegs that go with the desk. We watch an interview in which Aaron explains that he "taunted" Jonathan a little bit, mostly because he was pissed off at what Jonathan was saying to Victoria. Such as, perhaps, this clip where Jonathan calls her "a fucking invalid today." And...does anyone even use the word "invalid" without irony anymore? I'm thinking the clock has run on that one. The staff of the Ikea looks on with horror as Spazpants goes through its lengthy and uncoordinated Dance of Misery. Don and MJ, on the other hand, have a perfectly pleasant time finishing the desk, even though, as we know, by the time they're working on the desk, they've already burned themselves out on the counting. Aww. "I think this friggin' thing is done," Don says finally. They share their little kiss. There are actually things more important than screaming for no good reason, as it turns out. I knew there was something I was forgetting.

Hay Bale Heartbreak. Goodbye, Lena and Kristy.

Also old news: Kendra and Freddy argued over money some more. Sleeping on the floor versus cabs, blah dee blah. And then, 3500 miles to Senegal. New stuff: Hornio tries to speak French to their driver, but when they ask him, "Parlez-vous français?," he answers, "Yes." Unfortunately, when they ask him how many cemeteries are in the area, he also answers, "Yes." They are beginning to think that this fellow's language skills may not be all they seem. Or, I guess, that they're what they seemed before he was heard to speak any English.

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