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Ken and Tina have decided to give their taxi driver a new destination: namely, another taxi. Yes, they've finally given up on the chances that he'll get them anywhere. I just hope their new driver will be as good at waiting as this one is. At a gas station, they switch cabs, and as their ex-driver asks for his 200-rupee fare (less than five American dollars as of today's exchange rate), Ken tells him, "You might have just cost me one million, you know that?" He's trying to be jovial about it, but the way he's glowering over his smile and Americanly hitching up his loosening pants, it's not all that funny.

Having reached the Ambassador Hotel, Terence isn't happy to be facing a Detour, but Sarah reminds him they want more stuff to do, presumably on the theory that it'll give them more time to catch up with other teams. They find their same driver and head off to the Prakash Banquet Hall to try Launder Money.

At last (literally), Ken and Tina arrive at the Ambassador Hotel, and rush right back to their cab, having decided to also do the money one, hoping they can catch up. Toni and Dallas, meanwhile, are starting to worry that their driver might be lost. Dallas suggests the driver ask for directions, but when he stops and runs off to do so, Dallas doesn't seem happy about it. Make up your mind, dude. Dan and Andrew's driver is also lost, as is Kelly|Christy's. The latter team is addressing this problem by yelling at him, "Go, go, go, mister!" The hell of it is that that actually seems to work, because they're the second team to arrive at the laundry. There's some more lip service about their rivalry with the Siblings, which Christy even mentions to their laundry woman, like she cares. They take up position a couple of tables away, and also learn that the iron handles are hot. They watch the demonstration, and then ask for gloves. Nick quietly notes their predicament to Starr, but soon the Divorcees are good to go, with towels wrapped around their iron handles and trying to remember not to burn each other. Did it say that last part in the clue, or did they figure that out themselves?

Toni and Dallas are the next to arrive at the laundry. Starr warns Dallas that the handles are hot, and both Toni and Dallas are a little worried about this task; she because the giant hunk of smoking metal doesn't slide over the clothes like her faithful Westinghouse (or whatever) back home, and he because he's the latest to learn that apparently you have to bring your own gloves. The Siblings continue apace, with six of their required twenty articles done and Starr remarking that this should be quite a shock to their parents, since they never ironed growing up. This tells us a surprising amount about their childhoods, which apparently was filled with activities like wearing camouflage clothing and hats with their last name on them, and acting kind of weaselly for no reason, and making all their parents' friends uncomfortable in some indefinable way. "Don't it make you feel like you're a wife again?" Kelly asks Christy a couple of tables over. She responds, "Oh, my gosh, please hold while I singe my skull with this blazing-hot iron." I don't even want to get into what that response tells us about her former marriage. Finally the Frat Boys arrive, and also aren't happy to see that gloves are not provided here. "Listen to Dandrew," Kelly smirks at their naiveté, and then promptly burns herself.

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