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Terence and Sarah seem to have a handle on what they need to do for the money detour, but Tina is explaining it to Ken for what is clearly not the first time: "You gotta have ten notes. That, all added up together, equals exactly 780." "You're losing me," Ken says. Not a good sign. Meanwhile, Sarah and Terence assess their hundred-note-heavy bankroll and realize they'll need to get change. Ken and Tina are more worried about just getting there.

At the Prakash Banquet Hall, it's a very festive scene. A guy fires up a gas generator, lighting up chandeliers. There's a small elephant, a raucous brass band, and of course crowds of revelers in colorful finery. If you've ever seen a movie that includes an Indian wedding scene (up to and including Bend it Like Beckham), you might have an idea of the atmosphere. By the way, it's never made clear whether this was an actual group of weddings that The Amazing Race crashed, or if it was a fake event thrown together by paying throngs of local extras less than what I have in the cushions of my couch. I'm also not sure which would be worse. Terence and Sarah are the first of the two teams to reach the banquet hall. Dancing goofily (and likeably, I have to say), she leads them through the crowd to the hall's entrance, where the table full of necklaces is waiting. I'm disappointed to see that there's a mannequin standing behind it, modeling what the finished product is going to look like. That just makes it too easy. Sarah again insists that they need change, but when she suggests going downstairs into the party, Terence would rather go back out to the street. So that's what they do..

That gives Ken and Tina a hand, as they spot them while arriving, and don't even bother going into the hall yet. Both teams start trying to get change from nearby taxi divers, which does not go smoothly for either of them.

At the laundry, the ranks are holding steady, as Dan bemoans -- if that's the word -- his lack of ironing experience. "There's never any ironing going on at the fraternity house," he points out. "At any fraternity house worldwide," Andrew adds, which may be the funniest thing he's ever said. Then Starr and Nick finish and get their envelope. They run outside, where their camera guy is a wee bit late getting his light on while they open the clue, which is sending them to Baha'i House. Standing on the vast lawn of the beautiful white art-deco (and probably air-conditioned) structure, Phil tells us, "Built during the 1930s, it's the national headquarters for the Baha'i faith, and the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here may be eliminated." But after five straight eliminations, don't count on it. Starr and Nick are on their way, as he hopes that the other Detour wasn't any faster than this one.

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