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So let's check in on that option. Terence and Sarah are still bugging people on the street for change, and doing rather better than Tina and Ken. Mission accomplished, Sarah tells her benefactors that she loves them, but stops short of granting someone the kiss he requests. She's all excited to finish the detour and get going. "It's gonna be awesome!" Really? Where's Terence going to be?

Nick and Starr's cab pulls up to the gates of Baha'i house, and as they run onto the grounds, it's almost looks like there's a light snow falling, which is of course impossible. Must be tree blossoms or something. It's pretty, anyway. They quickly spot the mat and Phil, and run up to it. The greeter is wearing not only a fully jeweled sari, but a large metal pot on her head that has actual flames coming out of the top. "Hello, I'm Phil's mom," she says. Okay, actually she doesn't, but wouldn't that have been awesome? Phil tells them they are team number... one. As they hug, he tells them what they've won: electric cars. All three of them seem kind of surprised at this odd prize, including Phil. Instead of telling them anything about these electric cars, such as who manufactures them or what their specs are or indeed whether they have even been invented yet, Phil manfully labors to pull the prize into the episode's theme, reminding them of the environmentally friendly taxis they painted earlier. So environmentally friendly, in fact, that the task required breathing masks. He rambles on, "You're in India, the wind is blowing, it's hot, you're team number one!" Starr interviews that she's excited to go into the next leg with Nick. "He really is my best friend and I consider myself very blessed to have someone like him in my life." Oh, thank God she said "life." I really wasn't sure where that was going for a second.

The ironing is still going on at the laundry. Christy talks about how the clothes they've finished with are looking better than anything they've worn in three weeks. Andrew's laundrywoman holds up an article wordlessly, and he protests, "That one won't come out! I've tried it twice." She is not impressed. Hearing his complaints, Dallas remarks that he doesn't know any frat guys who iron shirts. As if in response, Dan says that between this and "putting flowers [sic] on a necklace," this is the lesser of two evils. Although I don't think we can be sure of that, unless we were to see them attempt both tasks and measure which one caused Dan to act the most like a whiny bitch. I'm actually guessing it would be a tie. Kelly and Christy finish up, and head off to the Pit Stop.

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