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Back at the banquet hall, Terence and Sarah again penetrate the entryway crowd to return to the table with the necklaces, and get to work stapling notes to one, using the necklace on the mannequin as a guide for which notes to put where. I'm still bitter that it's even there. Outside, Tina and Ken seem to finally be making some progress at getting change.

And Kelly and Christy are team number two. They jump up and down, screaming and hugging each other happily at their best finish yet. And they did it without pants!

Terence and Sarah head downstairs, where total chaos greets them. If the crowd out front was Bourbon Street, this is Bourbon Street in your basement. Now they need to find "one of the grooms." Behind them, upstairs, Tina shuts Ken out of the necklace-making process entirely. Given their conversation in the cab earlier, that's probably a wise move.

Toni and Dallas finish their ironing, and are off to the Pit Stop in third place. That leaves Dan to bemoan their bad luck some more. "Just keep going," Andrew tells him. Andrew appears to be the only one of them who is aware that he signed up for The Amazing Race, whereas Dan seems to think he's on The Amazing Pity Party. Which, as everyone knows, is on MTV.

Terence and Sarah are getting buffeted by the huge, dancing crowd, and Tina finishes her necklace and leads Ken below. Andrew continues to try and keep Dan bucked up, but when their laundry woman holds up an item Andrew just ironed and throws it back onto their towering to-do pile, he just stares at her with blank hatred. Hilarious. The two teams at the banquet hall are still struggling with the crowd in their search for a groom, and suddenly, at the laundry, the wind kicks up and blows a stack of Dan's clothes to the ground. Thinking quickly, he throws his torso over the remaining items to protect them, then efficiently gathers up the windblown items to refold them, assuring Andrew not to worry and to keep ironing because it's under control. Except the opposite of all that.

Back from the ads, Dan is still bitching about the wind, while Andrew tells him to quit his whining and fold them again. On a hillock nearby, some kids who have been watching them laugh at this display of the international language of Frat Boy incompetence.

Terence and Sarah finally make their way to the back of the ballroom, where a young groom sits on a formal seat next to his bride. You mean they don't even get to participate in all the dancing? That doesn't seem fair. The groom examines the necklace Terence and Sarah present him with, and hands them a clue in exchange. With that, they're Baha'i House bound.

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