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Kelly and Christy arrive at the travel agency, closely followed by Terence and Sarah. All of them have to wait for an available agent, who are busy helping the teams that have already arrived.

Andrew and Dan are leaving at 12:29 a.m., which makes me doubt even more strongly that Ty and Aja were as close behind them during the last leg as we were led to believe. As they board their tuk-tuk, they are filled with determination. Dan says they need to be less casual throughout the leg. Yeah, again, I don't think I've even accused Dan of being casual. In fact, if he gets any less casual, he's going to start vibrating at a steady middle C-sharp.

At the busy travel agency, Dallas finally sees an opening to make his big romantic move, inviting Starr to a nearby bar and then coming back here to drunk-dial some places. Wow, smooth. Dallas interviews that while he digs her, there's not exactly a wealth of alone-time available to them. "My mom's the worst wingman ever," he adds, as we see that Toni is lurking awkwardly behind Starr. Not that there's a lot of room in this tiny little storefront travel agency/Internet café for a dozen or more Americans to be milling around in there, lugging backpacks and sound and video equipment. Dallas hopes both teams stay on the race so they can get to know each other better. So do the producers, I'm guessing. Because the background music gets downright porny, as we see Starr sitting down next to Dallas in slow motion and she interviews that they have a great friendship, and hopes there's an attraction. Is there an Intersection in their future?

With most teams having secured their tickets, the focus has shifted to doing pre-research on the Internet. Tina commandeers Kenny's computer, and he interviews about how she tends to be "strong," which can make her partner feel helpless or useless at times. Well, there's "strong" and there's "bossy," but since he cheated on her and all, those kinds of nuances are probably moot.

Andrew and Dan arrive at the travel agency, and the first thing they find out is that everybody's going to be on the same flight. Which will give them yet another valuable chance to fall behind from a full bunch. I'm confident that they're up to it. Teams start heading to the airport, and Dan says in their tuk-tuk, "The ball's in our court to take advantage of it or waste it again. It's all up to us." That's a healthy and realistic attitude, although it would take fewer words to just say, "We're screwed."

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