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Back at the lot, Nick and Dan are encouraging their busy partners, and Dan interviews that it's going to get more intense when other teams arrive. You think? Toni and Dallas arrive next, and Dallas nominates Toni for her artistic flair. Starr calls out to Dallas, "Come on Dallas, it's easy," then apologizes to her brother when he shortly tells her not to worry about them. Nick interviews, "I think the budding romance between Dallas and Starr is kinda cute, 'cause it's my baby sister." Of course I believe him. Why wouldn't I believe him? What's not to believe?

Ken and Tina are apparently driving past things they've already seen before, and Terence and Sarah are shouting over each other, giving their driver conflicting directions. Team Divorced finds Moonlight Motors, and they haul their bags out of the cab and into the lot. Looks like Kelly is the one with the artistic flair. Ken and Tina continue to be lost, while Sarah is trying to hurry her and Terence's driver along with "vroom-vroom" noises. Finally, a language she doesn't know. Or, this being India, several dozen of them. Both teams continue to struggle, but it's Terence and Sarah who find the taxi lot next, while Ken and Tina's driver continues to be clueless enough to trigger a commercial break.

After we come back, Ken and Tina ask some more people for directions and finally find the place. "We'll be right back," Tina promises the driver as they bail out, leaving their luggage behind. Ken's doing this one for them, while Tina complains about being the last team there and wonders how it happened. Well, you arrived at the airport in daylight, and now it's full dark, so do the math.

The thing about this Road Block is that while technically only one person can do it, there clearly wasn't anything in the clue about their partners not being able to help in any way they can, short of actually touching something. Because we're going to be seeing a lot of coaching this time. Whether that's a product of the clue's wording or necessitated by the close quarters, it's giving us some good insight into the dynamics of the various teams. Nick's help to Starr is taking the form of both light from his headlamp and directing her through the masking, which he deems just about done. As she calls over a guy to check and see if she's ready to paint, there's a brief moment where you see something you never see on this show, and that's a guy with a video camera. I can never understand how that doesn't happen all the time, especially with multiple teams and their crews in the same place like this. In fact, for a second I was like, "What's that camera doing there?" Starr puts a filter mask on over her mouth and nose, and a painter sets up a spray gun for her so she can get to work. Andrew's also done masking, and gets to start spraying shortly after Starr, while Dan offers him nothing but sincere encouragement for once. Dallas wants us to know that he thinks his mom is doing great, and is about ready to start painting. Over at Terence and Sarah's area, a less healthy dynamic prevails, as he's lecturing her that he needs her to do it fast, and she's impatiently telling him she knows. So of course he keeps pushing. Dan and Andrew, the resident relationship experts, have an interview in which they discuss how controlling Terence can be. "Who makes their wife do body work on a vehicle?" Andrew chuckles. Shout out to the forum poster who answered, "Dan."

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