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Tina, meanwhile, is strenuously micromanaging Ken, fretting at him not to waste time tearing his newspaper sheets and not worry about making it perfect. In an interview, Ken reiterates that they agreed to decide on the relationship after the race. "But if we're gonna make it, things have got to change and they've got to change now." Is he dictating terms? Does he get to do that? Andrew is making great progress on the painting stage, and Dan tells the camera, "Andrew's a Da Vinci, Michelangelo, David, all rolled into one." "David?" Isn't that a work by Michelangelo, and not another artist? Unless of course he's referring to David Hockney, in which case I may have to revisit some of my assumptions about Dan. Dallas is also coaching Toni through her painting, lighting her work with his headlamp. And Kelly is about ready to start painting. This of course sends Terence into even a deeper tizzy, which Sarah is definitively not having. Finally she tells him straight out, "I want you to only be supportive, babe. Whatever I do right now, only support me, okay?" "Okay, you're doing a great job," Terence says grudgingly. Yes! He can be taught!

Ken is ready to paint, while Sarah is still masking. Andrew? Almost done with the whole thing. Starr calls for more paint, and as a guy refills her paint gun, she swabs under her mask, saying, "Dude, I'm a frickin' mess." Andrew has already finished, and when they get their clue, Dan doesn't want to hang around to open it; he wants to get out of the crowded lot first, which is valid. Andrew stumbles after him. In an interview, Andrew says, "We were the second ones to start the Road Block, we were the first ones out. We did not want to get last today." Out in the street, they finally open the clue.

Suddenly it's daytime again, as Phil says they need to get to the Ambassador Hotel (of which there are at least three in the area, so good luck with that) and find the Indian Doorman (that's even what the caption says) waiting in the garden to give them their next clue. Then it's back to the Frat Boys running around on the dark streets, hollering around for a taxi and really wanting to hold onto their lead. Like that's going to happen.

Starr finishes painting, and the Siblings are out of there as well, not bothering to call for taxis but for "English." Then they run for taxis. Dallas is coaching his mom as she gets going on the interior of her taxi, while Sarah attempts to begin painting but first has to listen to Terence lecturing her on how she's doing it wrong.

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